Is this a halo 3 helmet

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It looks cool....

I'd like to see a "special" armor for people who beat the game on easy...

A regular spartan suit but with abunch of bumper stickers like "Baby on board" and "Kick me" or "TK Me" signs on their
Meh. Would be too little of visibility to be of any real use, even for costuming purposes....
Its the triangle face, I wouldn't call that the ninja :p .

I belive I know who rendered that too.

I like it as well. It'd be pretty cool to see those floating around in Multiplayer. I mean, the more options we have, the more customability and individuality, right? And I'd agree that it is the helmet from the Bungie Day painting. Whether it's actually in the game or not, it's nice to see it with textures and such.
I think it looks awesome. What'd really be funny would be to see a completely black ninja or cobra styled costume (whichever it was) hiding in the shadows. A CQB walks by, and the Ninja (for this instances sake) strikes, assassinating the CQB.. ninja style!
Dude.. the original MMPR kicked serious boo-tay. They ruled... and then the series went downhill. When I get that armor on Halo 3, I'm making the Red Ranger... ell oh ell.
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