Issues with shilouette studio scaling

Sgt Whupass

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So while in shilouette studio and printing and cutting the halo 4 Master Cheif helmet gives me alot of greif, it seems to make random parts bigger or smaller for no reason at all and its infuriationg. does anyone have a halo 4 Master Cheif pep hd file i can use?

Thom A293

Look on the old website's resources and I bet there is a halo 4 master chief pep helmet. If not, there are a few other sites that might have the file.


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Sgt Whupass
Are you using the Pepakura designer/silhouette viewer thingy? Or are you exporting the files as multi-files dxf straight from Pepakura?
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When I measure the distance between two points in Pepakura Designer and then measure the distance between the same two points in Silhouette Studio I get the same values. Make sure your Studio import preferences has When Importing DXF set to "As-is". The default setting for this is "Fit to Page", which will cause each of your DXF imports to be resized in Studio to fit the current page size instead of keeping them the same size as they were exported from Designer.
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