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Something makes me want to say that cute.
but at the same time cool, like a small boy with leet skillz.
ecose said:
ive finished my armor
and the last one is A teabag

finisihed just in time for halloween!!! good job man, but remember when trick or treating -- stay in MC, be MC not yourself :)
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Hey congrats on finishing your armor.. I could understand the long process and finishing it feels like a great accomplishment especially through all the times you think that it was impossible. Great job on building it yourself!! Be proud of yourself!! Not alot of people can say, that they have their own armor.. Or even say, they built it themselves!! What's nice about yours is your moveable.. I'm still working on the final fittings.. Trimming excess parts where they hit and strapping.. Well.. From another MC to another MC.. CONGRATZ AGAIN.. Oh thanx, Yeah my wife kicks major bootie on halo 3..That's her thing.. She is a total gamer chick!!
thnx all of you ..... and thnk you preskewl..... and of corse the forums too but i will have more updated pics
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