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OK I have some ideas for a new super cool off the wall project but would like to get some input from all the Halo Experts here.

Maybe I missed something somewhere but I am not finding much info on these "creatures" so I am interested in your thoughts and ideals on them or if you are a Jackal expert please enlighten me!!

Do you think they are born or hatched?? Do you think they start out life mean and viscous little buggers or cute and cuddly?? Give me all you opinions and thoughts as to what baby Jackals would be like!! If I missed a reference to the "babies" of this species somewhere, please point me in that direction!!


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I found some good info on the Halopedia

It seems they hatch if you read on the right side of the page it says this:

Other Nomenclature:








Bug Eyed Sniper

Killer Bird


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LOL...I got advanced so I could share a few tidbits of info as they come in that I wouldn't be able to share otherwise. I believe my status was looked over very, very carefully and they came to this decision because I am a mod on another online forum (not related to gaming or Halo) and it was easier for the staff here to check me out and know I wasn't going to be a posting problem!!

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Edit: I just found a reference to "nest fulls of eggs" also...I missed this before too!!


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I'm sure you will really like the community here they are very helpful.

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Jackals start from eggs, and then they are sotr of trained like gladiators are from birth being taught on how to fight, how to shoot, basically combat born and breed. But I don't even want to know the mating procedure for a Jackal, I think I would leave that out.

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OK...so any opinions on this...

Do you think they would hatch out more bird like then morph as they age with more "human" like characteristics such as little wing like appendages growing into arms??


@ shmalofan: She's part of Creative Enviroments. They are responsible for the creation of the life-size ODST drop pod for the Gamer Lounge at the Best Buy in Mi. Very nice work by the way.

Here's some helpful stuff I found on said besties:



H.B.O- The Jackal

Halopedia- Jackal History

I'd imagine that they hatch like raptors from Jurrassic Park. From egg, then develop into their legs at adolecence. The Halo: Legends depicts them in a jungle tribeal culture several eons before the events of halo 1.

best of luck!


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Well I went on a shopping trip after doing as much research as I could find online and purchased everything I could think of to start on my new project...baby Jackals.

Keep the opinions flowing, please!! I'm going to be out of town for about a week but as soon as I return I plan on starting the project...I think I may make multiples and each little guy will have its own little personality and attitude or look.

There really isn't a lot about them so I am relying on my imagination and everyones input on what they think or can imagine about them!! I know this is a silly sort of thing but I think it will give the characters a bit of depth and be alluring to draw some people more into the realm of Halo that may overlook it otherwise. Besides I love baby critters and I think this will be fun!! I also love hearing what others can think up!!

My guess is they are so ugly they are cute, with screeching little voices that could drive you insane. Possibly only remotely resembling the adults to keep them safe as fledglings. Little poofs of adolescent plumage on their heads and a fuzzy type appearance that develops more scaly over time, maybe. Big eggs with a possible splotchy appearance and maybe a different color on the inside. Lots of baby teeth!! Anything else??

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Nintendude said:
Take a Furby, make it look evil and there you go. Now you have a Baby Jackal, LOL.

First off sshhhhh don't be spilling the beans on my Furby collection!! :p Thats an ideal though...I know a few people scared of those little critters anyway!!
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Hey if you do decide to use Furbys for the cause I've got a few that can be donated to use. I think one or two still in packaging too.


Looking at my copy of the halo encyclopedia the female Jackals lack the spiny hair like plumage that the males have and instead have calloused plates. Assuming the undeveloped chicks would not have developed either of these yet i would not put the hair things on any of the "babies". Also taking a direct quote from the book "Every Kig-Yar chick wants to be a pirate when he or she grows up." that is all I could find on the Jackal children.


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Heh heh, I think it would be a great idea to make little jackal babies!

I would deffinately get one if you manage to make a few for the community.