jackal shield pdo

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hi, i recently made a pdo file for the jackal energy shield, not having the time to make it i thought id post it here and hope some other people would be able to. it currently fits onto 12 pages and is 60cm in diameter.
download it here
and here is a screen shot
hope you all have a happy build :)
i think people would rather have the middle then use plexiglass for the shield, less movment stronger and can tint it or do the sword route with the glow wires
Panton6 said:
thanx for the file :) wonder how we gonna make it glow and stuff.

I know how you could make it glow.

Small tut:

1st; Fold the pep piece, Resin fiberglass...

2nd; add a removable layer untop of the paper which has to be the same size as the shield. (thick enough to put glow wiring inside).
[you could make another jackal shield as a bigger scale).
3rd; vac form (transperant plastic). Then remove the added layer which you made in step 2.

4th; Put the vac formed part untop.
Add glow wires between the shield and the vac formed part

5th; Congratulations you have a glowing shield!!!

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