Jakks-Pacific Plasma Pistol fix?

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Scarlet Impaler

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Maybe someone can help me out with this ancient thing. I have a Jakks-Pacific Halo 3 Plasma Pistol from their laser-tag line. The problem is that the venting cover motor does not cycle enough to trigger the latching mechanism. Anyone got advice for this? I think it just needs a new motor, but don't know what I should be looking for. I'm decent with electronics and wiring, but not hobby motors.

I have a video of the problem here:

I have pics of the motor attached.

Thank you!

Well I spent a lot of time inside this thing converting it to a better prop (no screw holes, better sound, prismatic finish) as well as an airsoft gun.
The venting function is always super sketchy. The stock motor may do better with fresh batteries. A little oil on the top and bottom of the motor shaft may reduce the internal friction enough to get it strong enough to work. I would choose filling on the latch as an absolute last resort.
Worse comes to worse, it will remain a cool prop. At least this one held up, besides the vent motor. My Plasma Rifle needed to be completely gutted because the board burnt out, and replace it all with modern LEDs...
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