James Bond SPECTRE Ring

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Hey guys,
While Halo is in post production we decided to work on a James Bond short in the time being. So what we are looking for is a replica of the SPECTRE ring from the earlier movies. It does not have to be metal (would be better) but we need multiples and we have to stay cheap. Our budget is shot from Halo. Anyways if anyone would like to tackle this project for us of course youll recieve copy and credit and all that. Also this film, despite the beginning of production of bond 22 today, we are sending it to the studio as a fan made movie. Maybe itll spark interest or maybe not, but we do this for fun anyways.
Please dont go crazy about asking about Halo, there is an outdated thread with all the info. We stopped updating since we didnt reach our goal release date, but ah well thats filmmaking.
Link and Adam, buddies! I would love to have you guys tackle this for us, you guys did awesome work on our Halo props, this should be nothing for you.

Anyways hit me up ASAP if your interested. Thanks a bunch.



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i just mean don't expect adam and or link to jump right on this. or do anything at all with this...ever. they're extremely busy people.
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