Jasman Plasma Rifle wiring

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I put batteries in my plasma rifle for the first time in a while and the rumble function wasn’t working. I carefully took it apart and was able to fix that.

(On a side note, there is an old post where someone was asking how to fully disassemble the plasma rifle and they never got an answer. We’ll I still don’t have one, no idea how to get past the part the other person got stuck at.)

Back to my issue. In trying to fix the rumble, some wires broke off from the soder due to it being old and my having to work around a not-fully-disassembled plasma rifle. I’m not positive exactly how they went and my soder skills aren’t the best so I dont want to mess it up because I don’t think I’ll be able to correct it without doing more damage (having flashbacks to when I had to make a custom mosfet for my Chrono Blaster).

Here is my ask: based on experience fixing this or just a solid knowledge of circuitry, anybody know exactly what should go where?



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