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Hi everyone!

I've been thinking on building a MkVII armor since Halo Infinite came out, and with all the "Halo The Series" hype, I've decided to start my armor. It'll be a slow process, my goal is to finish it by december (for the 405th Regimiento de México reunion). For now, I'll be working on the templates, scaling, unfolding and all that stuff.

But basically, this is hoy my armor should look:

MK7 Ref_Jerve.png

Still trying to decide if I make the Anubis helmet out of EVA Foam, or 3D printed (I'm close to finally buy a 3D printer), but that's a future issue, (all the armor will be foam tho). Gonna prepare all the armor parts and then, start with the build.

Building Index:
Anubis Helmet
Anubis Visor 2.0
• Torso
AAP/DAKH Ordnance Pack

Undersuit: Knees
Undersuit: Abs

Finished versions:
• V1

Weapon props:
MK50 Sidekick
MA40 (Nerf)


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Here it is! The first pieces of my MK7 finished!

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-06.jpg

Honestly, I think these are the best gloves I've ever made for any cosplay. Here's how I've build them:

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-01.jpg

Started simply by buying a pair of nice/cheap gloves from AutoZone. I like these ones because of the texture on the top part. Then, I built the armor pads with 3 layers of eva foam (one 4mm, and two 2mm).

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-02.jpg

Then, I drew my hand in paper, and sketched the finger pads to look the closest to the game, but also to not be very dificult to build in foam. Then, traced the clean template (which you can download here), and made 1 finger to see how it looked, and I liked very much :)

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-03.jpg

Then, I realized I was missing some details from the top part of the glove on my sketch, so I did some tests in different types of pleather, and did my best to sew that top piece :lol: still, not my greatest sew job, but a nice looking one with the armor pad on the top. (Also, I'm planning to sew the undersuit, and replicate these stitches on it).

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-04.jpg

Then, proceeded to build all the fingers, and glue all pieces onto the gloves (except for the armor pads, which I painted separately). This was a good way to mix some paint and decide the final color that my armor would have. I've made a mix of vynil paint (house paint) so I could use it with my airbrush, and the result was not disappointing.

MK7_Jerverant post_02_gloves-05.jpg

Last, I added some weathering (using some new techniques), and covered the fingers and pleather with black PlastiDip, to have a much more uniform color.

And that's it! the Gloves were done :)

I think the next pieces I'll be building will be the forearms, but in a few weeks, meanwhile I finish commissions and other stuff.

Until next time!

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Those are indeed some fine looking Spartan gloves! I’m very excited to see how the rest of this build turns out!

Also Anubis Gang! Personally my favourite infinite helm (especially when combined with the cat ears which match’s the theme well).
Those are indeed some fine looking Spartan gloves! I’m very excited to see how the rest of this build turns out!

Also Anubis Gang! Personally my favourite infinite helm (especially when combined with the cat ears which match’s the theme well).
Anubis gang! I'll definitely make the cat ears, but I think that would be the last

It has been a month since my last post on this thread (I think this is how it's gonna be, montly posts), and I said the next thing I was gonna build were the forearms... then I bought a 3D printer lol. So here it is!! The Anubis Helmet!! #AnubisGang

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

This was my first 3D printed helmet ever, and it was a fun project, also learned a lot about 3D printing. (the model was downloaded from Thingverse, it's MoeSizzlac's model)

At first I tought the scale was quite small, and maybe it is, but, it fits great, so I'm gonna keep it.

The helmet was printed in 8 different pieces, and glued all together with epoxy glue.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-02.jpg

After that, you know the drill: bondo, a LOT of sanding, more bondo, more lots of sanding, spot putty, until the surface was smooth.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-03.jpg

Even that Moe's model was super accurate, I've found that it was missing some details, compared to in game's model, so I added them with 1mm foam and by carving some lines.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-04.jpg

After that, I started painting! The red color it's a custom one I've made to use with my airbrush. The other colors I paint them by hand with brushes. About the weathering, I've been using this technique by some time, and I really like it: it consists on drybrushing hard edges with black paint, then silver paint on top of the black. Then I do a wash with oil paint, and remove the excess with towels and turpentine, to finally seal everything with thin layers of gloss clear coat.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-05.jpg

Then I added a foam dowel at the open part of the helmet, to be more comfortable when putting it on.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-06.jpg

For the visor, I did a buck out of eva foam, vacuumformed it (first try yay!), tinted it with thin layers of silver spray paint, and, one of the things that Halo Infinite has and I absolutely love, are the weathered visors, it feels much more realistic, so I added some weathering with oil paints, then, glued the visor to the helmet with hot glue.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-07.jpg

Finally, I added padding by covering sponge with fake "race" leather.

MK7_Jerverant post_03_helmet-08.jpg

And that's it! the Helmet is (almost) done :)
Still gotta do the "headset" and of course, the cat ears (uwu)

I still don't know when I'll be able to continue working on this project, mostly because I have to focus on commissions and stuff, also, I'll be traveling to Europe in august, so that will be a month without updates (maybe I could manage to do the ears and headset before, but who knows).

Until next time!

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MK50 Sidekick

Hello 405th! Long time no see here on the forums, so here I am, doing a quick post about the Sidekick in this thread (since it'll be part of the MK7 lol). This Sidekick was printed by the famous ODCA (he gave it to me back at the Halo The Series premiere).

This is the final result:


Remember to have good trigger discipline :)


The process was very simple but tedious, and I'm pretty sure most of you know what's like: printing, sanding, filling, MORE SANDING, MORE, MOOOOREEEEE, and paint.


I have recorded basically the whole process, and I'll be uploading it to TikTok on the next few days.

Until next time! (spoiler alert, it will be soon, as I'll be starting the forearms.... soon)

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Wait, is this... a post by Jerverant on his Mk7 build thread?!?!? It certainly is!!

After months of working on other stuff, I realized that it is october and the 405th Mexico reunion is on december 10th, so I HAVE to work on this armor like right now.

That said, here are the forearms!!!

MK7_Jerverant post_04_forearms_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

MK7_Jerverant post_04_forearms-02.jpg

Ready to fight some banished yeeeeeeee

This was a quite fast build, I started them this monday night, while I was talkin with ODCA and I was like "f*ck it, I'm gonna build my forearms right now"; spoiler alert: I didn't. But, I finish the build the next day, and painted them the next next day; so here they are: finished and pretty.

MK7_Jerverant post_04_forearms-03.jpg

^Look at my tired face at 2am

One major improvement that I'm doing on my build is the change of the red paint to another; better quality and much more scarlet color (pretty much the same as my coating at the game). And I'm gonna be aplying it with my paint gun; (for the helmet and the gloves I painted the red with an airbrush, which took forever lol)

MK7_Jerverant post_04_forearms-04.jpg

Seeing that I could build armor pieces in so short time, got me motivated, and even tho I have a ton of commissions and work, I feel confident to finish it by december, and submit my armor to deployment to get a Tier 3!!

And becaus it's thursday: This Week At Jerverant: I'm gonna start the biceps and shoulders (pheraps the Anubis headset too)

Until next time!

Jerverant Cosplay · Instagram
Holy crap, wow! Fantastic work! Honestly, I'm jealous of the craftsmanship of every single piece. How well does the foam dowel work on the helmet, I'm dying to add one of those now
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