Join Me For GlitchCon 2011


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This is GlitchCon's first convention it's happening in Bentonville, AR, and I will be teaching on probably 6 different panels on costuming for the convention so far they have a couple of good guests coming for the convention Mirina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek) and Ethan Phillips (Neelix from Star Trek) are two good news for the convention and I know i'll be getting a VIP pass for the convention so I can get all the autographs free. They don't have it on the site but it will be there soon the 3 Day pass will probably be $30 and the VIP passes will probably be $150, I've been in talks with the convention manager and this is information I recieved from him but the registration should be opening soon. I'm planning to have a Noble 6 or Emile done in time for the convention and I plan to have my Kroenen (Clockwork) from Hellboy finished in time for the convention. Hoping that some of the 405th can join me for this occassion since this will be the first of it's kind in AR, I'll be throwing a party one of the nights of the convention and any 405th that come are welcome to attend and hang out. Here is the website for the convention.


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I'll have to consider for next year or something, I'm already flying to Europe this year so down to Bentonville would be fun but kind of financially stressful:p I've never been to a con before though so we should organize a big group of people to go next year!


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Now have a 405th Fan Table set up this will be a first for the 405th I believe and I think Roadwarrior will be going to the con as well. Any others, could always use more Spartans to work the table. Also do I have any people that would be intrested in having a item of thiers on the table Halo related? I'll pay for the shipping here and back, and it won't be left on the table unsupervised your username will be displayed in front of it with what the name of the item is, item will not be touched by anyone besides the members at the table unless the owner of them item allows it.


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Ok everyone, so far it's me, Roadwarrior, and his dad sharing a room, I can get one or two more people in the room, I'll bring a air mattress or military cots with me if anyone is intrested in coming and as long as you can help with the fan table you can stay in the room free of charge. PM if you are intrested in coming to the convention.


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Would you be interested in displaying my recon helmet? I don't know if it's quite up to standard, but I can clean up a few paint mistakes no problem. You can find the link to my thread here Kadus 27 Recon Helmet thread. I'm on the east coast, so shipping might be a little expensive. However, I'd love to get more people involved, and if it would help, I'd be willing to let it go for a little bit. Also, if you would like a few more pictures, just pm me.


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No problem Kadus, just Pm me with your Paypal address and check into it on the shipping with insurance to 72110 would be more than happy to have your Recon Helm on the table. It would definatly have to be here by Sept 7th because I'll head out of the house on the 8th t go up for the convention and if it's at my house a day early I can check it to make sure it does'nt need repairs if it becomes damaged in transit.
One extra note thanks to Jacob Betts, I'll be getting a silicon mold to make small chocolate MC helmets which I'll have on the table for free one per person lol.
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