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There are a few steps to join.

  1. You must have an account on the forum for 90 days with 50 posts and live in WA, OR, CA, HI or AL.
  2. If you meet those requirements post (here) saying you'd like to join the Pacific Regiment.
  3. Next we'd ask that you fill out our form so that your new regiment can get to know you better.
    405th Pacific Regiment Membership Questionnaire
  4. You can request to join our facebook group where many of our members like to hangout.
  5. To further stay on top of what we're doing you can follow our public facebook page.

Why join a Regiment?

  • It is the best way to be in the know on upcoming costuming opportunities and other activities.
  • You get a new banner on your forum profile and no longer considered a new member.
  • Access to place orders regiment merchandise (limited runs)
  • Ability to vote for in yearly Regiment Commanding Officer position

I'm in, now what?
  • If you've already joined all of our facebook groups, followed our pages, filled out the members application we want to remind you not to forget about the forum!
    Post in people's thread encouraging their progress or giving kind advise on how they can improve when they express their frustrations.
  • If you find build threads you like you can follow them by clicking in the top right on the text "Watch Thread." This can either give you an alert on the forum when you log on that a new post has been added to your watched thread or you can opt to get email notifications if you really want to stay on top of the new posts. We suggest you follow this thread with email alerts which will make it function like a newsletter: Pacific Regiment Updates (Staff Meetings)
  • Subsequently you can also follow entire sub-forums. We encourage you to do this for our regiment. Go to the Pacific Regiment sub-forum and click the text in the top right "Watch Forum" to be alerted when new threads are created.
  • Consider messaging your regiment staff to let them know you'd like to get more involved! We can't be everywhere and can always use more help in regions we are not physically in. Other help can include graphic design and social media posting. Volunteer Staff positions may be available.
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