JonteBoi's Second Halo: Reach Spartan Costume


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Hello guys and gals, bois and baes. About a month ago I finished my first ever Halo costume, which was also my first serious EVA foam project. I've now decided to start building a new costume , because I want to improve my foam skills!

I've decided to make another Halo: Reach costume, but with some changes to the armor.

Helmet: CQB Done!
Left shoulder: Grenadier Done!
Right shoulder: Security Done!
Chest: HP/Halo Done!
Wrist: Tactical/UGPS Not done. I decided not to make this.
Utility: Soft case Done!
Visor color: Gold(ish) Done!
Knee guards: Grenadier Done.
Thighs: Done!
Shins: Done!
Boots: Done.
Biceps: Done!
Forearms: Done!
Abdomen: Done!
Weapon: DMR Done.

I have all the pep files except for the knee guards and the grenadier shoulder, if anyone has those, please share! :)
I have already made the helmet and the biceps, and i've made the back part of the chest piece.

Here are the reference pics i used for the helmet.
HR_CQB_Hel_Ref.jpg CQB.jpg
And here is my finished result:
IMG_20170521_200826.jpg IMG_20170521_200830.jpg IMG_20170521_200836.jpg IMG_20170521_200842.jpg IMG_20170518_180631.jpg
Super happy with this helmet. The file I used is from L3X's file database, but that model is the CQB helmet from Halo 3, so I had to freehand some things, but not much. Only the cheeks and the back part of the helmet had to be changed. I also had to freehand the part below the "middle" part of the helmet, and below the cheeks, because that part was not featured in the model from L3X's file database.
(I know the left cheek isn't finished yet, I completely forgot about that)
The visor is a motorcycle helmet visor that I ordered from Ebay for 30 bucks or something, but the visor of the helmet was too big so I had to order 2 visors..

Also, look at this sick pic with the lense flare.

I think the color scheme of the first reference pic above (the one that's green and blue) looked so good so I'm thinking about coloring the suit with those colors. If anyone has any suggestions of other cool color schemes, feel free to share them.

As I said I started building the chest piece, and here's a pic:

My previous Halo costume was kind of a rush job, (I finished it in three weeks) so I want to spend more time on this suit to make this as perfect as I can. I compared this chest piece to the one on my previous suit... (pic below)

... And I already see improvement. The new piece is nowhere near perfect, but I think it's safe to say it looks much cleaner than the old chest piece, am I right?

As i said i also finished the bicep pieces, but I have no pics at the moment so I'll update later and show you guys.

Anyways, we have 4 days of weekend next week in sweden, so I'll hopefully be done with the chest by the end of next week, see you!

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Here's an update!

It's been a productive week and I've finished the chestplate, security shoulder and grenadier shoulder!

Here's the chestplate with the HP/HALO attachment.
IMG_20170527_182042.jpg IMG_20170529_210233.jpg IMG_20170529_210242.jpg IMG_20170529_210326.jpg The thing about this attachment is, it originally feautures grenades on the chest and on the cod piece. However, i really hate the look of those grenades covering the entire cod piece, so I'm just gonna skip those. Normally I hate changing things that are feautured in the game, but the one thing i was really unhappy with on my previous halo reach suit was the cod piece, so I want to make it better on this suit and show it off. It'd be a shame to cover the whole thing with grenades.

Here's the security shoulder, and of course, the kukri!
IMG_20170529_210125.jpg IMG_20170529_210215.jpg IMG_20170529_210132.jpg IMG_20170529_210140.jpg
IMG_20170528_215811.jpg This is where the kukri goes on the shoulder. I have not attached it yet since it will be difficult to paint the details on the back of the knife and on the shoulder, therefore i will attach it after i've painted everything.

The grenadier shoulder.
IMG_20170529_210158.jpg IMG_20170529_210202.jpg IMG_20170529_210207.jpg

And finally, some test fitting.
IMG_20170529_205811.jpg IMG_20170529_205838.jpg IMG_20170529_205850.jpg Sorry for these last three pics being so bad, I don't have enough space in front of the mirror to fit everything on the camera. Anyhow i think it looks pretty alright when it comes to the scaling and size of everything? Love how big the security shoulder is, it makes me look huge lol.

That's it for now! My goal this week is to finish both forearms, and if I have any time left, I'll start building the cod piece.
ALSO ONE MORE THING!! I am going to the states this summer to visit my relatives, and we have bought tickets to Tampa comic con! If i can finish this suit until then, (My flight to the states leaves July 18, Tampa comic con is July 28-30.) I will try to find a way to ship my suit to the states so i can wear it to comic con! (that's gotta work somehow, right??) If anyone else here is gonna attend, hit me up! Bye for now


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Here you can see the shoulders a little bit better.
IMG_20170601_141327.jpg IMG_20170601_141354.jpg
As you can see I also finished one forearm yesterday, but I think it's a little bit out of scale. It looks a bit thin, is it just me? I'm gonna try rebuilding it a little bit bigger and I'll hopefully post the results tonight.
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Excellent work! Your helmet is pure awesome! the detail on the side of the chin is amazing! looking good!
Thank you!! I'm really happy with those details! Still haven't done the other side yet though, I will probably forget about it and accidently paint the helmet before it's done ._.


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Those shoulders are massive. Love it :)
They sure are! Maybe a little too massive.. I'm hoping they will look better in scale when the other parts of the suit are in place (the abdominal part, cod piece, the resized forearms, legs) because right now my tiny legs makes the whole upper part of the suit look absolutely enormous :D


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Update: Both forearms completed! I'll post some pics in a sec.
I was thinking i'd add the tactical/UGPS attachment, and i thought it'd be fun to use my phone as the screen. Since i don't have any pockets on the suit to carry my phone in, it'd be cool to have it on the wrist. I haven't fully decided on whether i should do this or not, i have to measure and see if the scaling would look good. I'll update you on that tomorrow.


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I'm back! I've been very busy with school the last week, but today i managed to finish the cod piece and some other things.
Here's the cod piece, front and back. Compared to the one on my old suit, I'd say it looks much better.
IMG_20170611_193301.jpg IMG_20170611_193308.jpg IMG_20170611_193341.jpg

As with my old suit, I want to build the entire abdomen area (everything between the chest piece and the cod piece) out of foam. However, this time i will do it much more accurate and really make it look good. One of the coolest things on the mk V suit is the spinal cord thingy. I did not include that in my old suit, and I really want this in this new armor, so I booted up the good ol' xbox 360 for some reference. One thing i noticed is there is an area on the back of the suit which looks to be connected to the chest piece, rather than the abdomen. This area is outlined in red in the pic below.
So I went ahead and freehanded that part out of foam, but the spinal cord thingys on top of those and this is the result.
Pretty happy with it! Tomorrow I'll start building the abdomen part. Bye for now!


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The difference between your before and after shots are amazing! Beautiful work! Can't wait to see more :)


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Here's an update! The entire abdomen part is now finished, and connected to the cod piece!
IMG_20170613_215711.jpg IMG_20170613_215719.jpg IMG_20170613_215726_2.jpg IMG_20170613_215732_1.jpg
Looks great I have to say! What's also great about this suit is that is has much more mobility than the previous suit. In that one it was impossible to even attempt to touch my knee. In this suit i can easily do that, and i can also turn my upper body like, 45 degrees, which is great. One thing i really have to fix is some kind of cooling system. It gets REALLY hot in there, even though I live in sweden where it's like 10°C (50°F). This means if i'm really bringing the suit to Tampa comic con without a cooling system, I will definitely die. So if anyone has any good ideas on how to fix this, feel free to share.

Some other news about the suit: I have decided on the color combo. Primary color is going to be sage, and steel for secondary. If you don't know how these colors look in halo reach, they are outlined with red in the pic below. (bottom one is sage, top is steel)
I want the secondary color to look very metallic. I want it to be shiny but still look like old, used metal. I'll do some test painting soon.

I have also been thinking about creating a spartan tag for my costume. Since I am creating a suit, why not create a character too? I have been doing some research on how the spartan tags work, and I think i get it. If the spartan is a spartan II, you have an S (stands for spartan or sierra) and then 3 numbers. If the spartan is a spartan III, you have A (alpha company) or a B (beta company) followed by 3 numbers. Is this correct? please tell me if I'm wrong or else I'm going to embarrass myself.. I'm leaning towards spartan II. It's cooler being among the first ones, right? I have not decided on the 3 numbers yet. I want them to be something important, like 3 numbers that mean something to me or something. Too cheesy? maybe. I'll have to think about it.

Tomorrow I'll start building the thigh parts if I have time. See you!


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Nah dude, I wouldn't say it's too cheesy. Really adds a personal touch to your armor. I'm gonna do the same for mine.
You gotta update me on how you did that spinal cord-thingy though, it fits in so good.
Good luck on the thighs!


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Managed to put together the thighs today, they came out pretty good!
IMG_20170615_205604.jpg IMG_20170615_205600.jpg IMG_20170615_205613.jpg IMG_20170615_204404.jpg IMG_20170615_204449.jpg
Here's a comparison to my old thighs. The new ones have lots of more details, and I put together the smaller pieces before I cut them out so that I ended up with large, smooth pieces. Looks much better!
Also, notice how much the seams have expanded on the old thigh, I'm kinda worried that will happen to my new suit too. I think it's the heat that comes out from my body when I'm wearing the suit that makes the glue go soft or something. Or it could just be that the glue I'm using sucks. I've been trying to find a new brand but haven't really founds anything yet. The search continues.

I have ordered lots of stuff for the suit that I hope will arrive soon. First i have ordered some LED-strings with blue LED lights for the chest, biceps and thighs. Then i ordered some combat gloves for like 4 bucks, and a pouch for the soft case on the left thigh.

I doubt I will have time to start on the shins tomorrow, it'll probably have to be on saturday.
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hey @JonteBoi, first off I have to say that the suit is looking killer. Fantastic even......Your seams are very clean and precise. The detailing is great, I can't believe I missed this thread until now.......One thing though....Please be mindful of you language.....using profanity to describe the amount of anything shouldn't be used. Actually profanity shouldn't be used at all. We have many young members here and we should be a positive influence on them. We can get by w/o expletives. Thanks.


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hey @JonteBoi, first off I have to say that the suit is looking killer. Fantastic even......Your seams are very clean and precise. The detailing is great, I can't believe I missed this thread until now.......One thing though....Please be mindful of you language.....using profanity to describe the amount of anything shouldn't be used. Actually profanity shouldn't be used at all. We have many young members here and we should be a positive influence on them. We can get by w/o expletives. Thanks.
That was ill-mannered of me.. So sorry, won't happen again!
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