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Here's the current progress of my Armor. Going for something close to Jun's Armor. Might have my own customizations here and there but a scout style is my goal. My first time actually creating with pepakura or creating hard armor. If you have any questions or Ideas let me know. I am sure as I progress I will have some questions for fellow members. Helmet took about 24 hrs.. Updated torso build was 48hrs., Belt/Cod was about 12 hrs over a weekend. Finished Upper Arms in about 16hrs.. Just completed a forearm in about 12hrs which is symmetrical so only need one. UGPS unit finished in about an 1.5 hrs. Hard Knuckle Plate completed 3 hrs. 2 Thighs completed in 20 hrsShin finished in about 5hrs. Spartan III knee cap 3hrs. Back of boot about 4hrs. Still working on the 3 rounder shoulder attachment 3hrs

If you dont mind me asking, where did you get that chest file?? It looks really good! So does everything else!
Thanks for the feedback.. I think its great to see all the projects and how much everyone is helping each other out on there builds..

The Chest is by lganderson in the reach pep file section. I modified it in the front to make the front armor attachment points more flush. I also added 2 panels just behind them that will fill the gap between the armor and my chest a bit more. Seems the Mark IV and V were a little more busty you could say than the more chest contoured armor as the time-line progressed.

I have been basing my designs of the action figure that will be out in Winter. http://www.toyark.com/news/attach/1/9/9/9/HALO_REACH_PLAYARTS_KAI_VOL1_JUN_01_1282566172.jpg

The belt is not perfect but the front was closer to the look than the other reach belt I could find a pep file for.

I am working on the upper arms now.. Almost got one done..I will post soon as I am done with one of them. I just keep working away at them while watching tv in the evenings. I cant wait till I have all the pepping done...
Just finished left upper arm.. Turned out pretty well considering all the little tiny details.. The post sticking up had just a slight twist going.. Figure I can build it up and sand it straight..

You know when you have lost sleep when you duplicated the same part again!

Yep I had my upper left arm stored in the closet.. Printed what said was a upper arm right when in reality its inverted and is a left.. Lucky for me I didn't get as far as to build the front armor attachment face but still cant believe I built over 75 percent of it and didn't notice.. Then again it felt familiar and i was really cranking through it! So good night to all for tomorrow I start again on the correct upper arm.
I see you are using Jico's helmet file. I am also using that helmet file for my jun build and I was wondering, Did you have the same problem with the opening on the helme tbeing too small? I had to take the entire circled area off (see picture)



The insert picture dosent seem to be working, So I posted a link
Took me 3 times of building the lower ring to get the right scale.. Disappointed the software doesn't have a ruler tool to stretch across to measure openings and such!.

Anyways I got the opening to just clear my ears.. Compared it to my Racing helmet opening and to make sure it wasn't to big. I thought it was a little too big but remember Jun has the intake vents on the side and the sensor array on top that makes it look bigger. The Body of the helmet is actually the same size as my Racing helmet. So once I finish molding it I will foam the inside to fill up the area and bring the head area in line with the visor.. I am going to use a motorcycle headliner and install a helmet fan.

You dont have to scale the helmet bigger so your head fits inside, you can just cut the lower rim widerto allow more room.
Ok this is fun!...

I am blind inside the helmet trying to take a picture in the mirror and trying to keep the helmet about where my head will sit... I tip my helmet to all the 405th! ;)

First time I have seen myself wearing it. Didn't were a black shirt.. Figure it would show scale better.
Just got the right upper arm cut (again). Still need to create the 3 loose round holder for the left.. Waiting to see if a modeler will pick it up...

I can't wait to see the helmet molded:D!!! Nice to see that my model is turing out to something great:D! Still have to build it myselfXD

Great progress so far:) Can't wait to see more:D!
Here's the forearms... Kinda had them locked in my arms a bit.. They go up just a tad higher in the armpits but look on par with references I have been using.

Test arm went well..

This is just the test fit arm.. Made just enough of it to keep it together.. Had cut a slot to get my hand in the lower opening but figure its gonna be a split designed forearm. Looks like no adjusting needed on the scale. I can see it may need to be rounded in the joint bend spot but wont do that till after I finish the final version.

Realization just hit me I am gonna have a full suit of armor pepped before too long.. Gonna miss Halloween but figure i'd rather do it right that rush it.
Well here it is.. One Forearm done... and it was a challenge. Tons of little strips of paper for seams.. but once molded there purpose will be to hing the top open to put arm in and lock down over wrist.. It's a mirror image on both sides so just need one forearm (thank god)to mold from..

Nice job, and it does look Like you have the same avatar as me, so google's your friend too :p
I'm going for a modificated Jun armor too, i'll check up updates a lot since your the one I think is going the smootest I saw in last week!

Good luck, have fun :D
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