Jun Reach Concept Armor *First Build*

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Hi!! Ive been stalking the forums for almost 4 years, essentially when I started playing Halo. Now a couple of friends have convinced me to start my first full set of armor. I decided to choose something that most don't know about or haven't seen in real life, Jun's concept armor. I will take any help I can get. Keep in mind I've only made guns, never a set of armor thanks for reading, I can't wait to start building
Yeah, I meant to add some but didn't know how

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image.jpgDid this work?
It worked, the picture is visible.
You're going to have one crazy set of armor by the end once you start.
It's a concept Gungnir helmet, with some of the scout helmet attachments and 2 chords coming out the back
So for those of you who have taken an interest in this build I am sorry for lack of updates, I was in the process of moving(which turns out we decided not to move) and I have also been very busy with family stuff. I am shooting to have at least the chest and possibly the shoulders by July 4. Thank you for your time.
Im sorry for no posts for those that have been interested or even somewhat interested, this build went from a fun project to a pile of scrap foam in my backyard.
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