June 3rd 2018, Indianapolis, "Smash Fest" Benefit.

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    We have been invited to the 2018 Indianapolis, Indiana 2018 "Smash Fest" Event to benefit the American Cancer Society.

    Venue Address
    8246 Allisonville Rd.
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Approximate Number of Attendees

    Event Description
    Fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. Family friends fun. Live music food etc.

    Jun 3, 2018

    Start Time

    End Date
    Jun 3, 2018

    End Time


    Number of 405th Members Requested

    Can you provide a secure changing room/staging area to accommodate costumed attendees?

    Will you provide free entry to event for 405th members and handlers?

    Please list any other ameneties you are willing to offer our volunteers (food, water, etc.)
    Food and water / beverages.

    Request Description
    Come engage with the kids and families. Encourage them to whack the car for charity and bid on silent auction items.

    Please post up if you can attend.

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