Just a few Molding and Clay Modeling questions

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Hey all. I've finished (nearly) my pep Helmet (Flying Squirrells model) and i decided i'd like to mold it and cast it.
To do so i have talked to a few members who have some experience in using pepakura to use to make a mold.
My Dellima of course is that it is my original and is detailed and i don't want to ruin it.
In my PM's to other members they have said it should be fine but it really depends on the strength of the helm. I fiberglassed 4+ layers so i think it can take it, but i don't want my Paint damaged, so does anyone know FOR SURE that it will work using silicone Rubber (such as Re-Bound 25) and not damage the helmet?

And then my next question is weapon Modeling from clay,
i'd like to start making weapon models from the oil-based clay and then casting them.
So my questions are:

A) I have read around the forums but am still not sure exactly which hardness to get, does medium seem to work the best for this sort of application? Could someone give me the Pros Cons of each or direct me to an existing Topic if there is such?

B)About how much roughly do you think i would need for say a MA5C or M7 SMG? Probably start off small and work my way up.

But if i could get some good solid answers from people who know what they're talking about that would be excellent! Thanks!

-The J-Man
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