Just A Tid Bit Angry


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O.K, so I started my second attempt with fiberglass resin today. My first attemp was actually just a piece of cardboard and some fiberglass resin+cloth. I think my first try went well. after about a half hour, my "project" was dry and ready to be painted in about 2 hours time. Today however,I was slightly annoyed with my fail of an attempt with fiberglass resin. I bought this fancy paintbrush to use for the applying of the resin, and some paint laquer thinner to use to get the resin out (on the box, it says that it will work). This failed miserably, and I ended up wasting about $12 >_<. I think I used a little bit less hardener than required, because after an hour, my pep peices are still sticky!!!! :angry On top of that, I have about a half can left of resin, and barely 1/5 left of hardener :( . I was going to make Rondo today, and test that out for the first time, but I don't think I'll have time based on the fact that I still need to wait a half hour for my resin to completely dry and my parents will soon need to move their cars back into my garage I work in. So, after hearing my infernal rage of anguish, I have a few questions that will hopefully elimnate another incident like this from happening:

1 Is it recommended to use diposable brushes as appossed to other brushes?

2 Where can I find how much hardener to put in my resin?

3 Did anybody fail as miserably as me their first few attempts :lol ?

Thanks for the help


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aw, that sucks D:

1) I use disposable brushes, I get them at the dollar store 3 brushes for $1

2) on the can it says for 6 table spoons, you need I think 1/3 or something like that, I just bought dollar store measuring cups.

3) I phailed on my Mark V halo helmet, I used too little hardener so I mixed up another batch and added more hardener the second time :p

ps, you dont need resin hardener for Rondo, most people use bondo, fiberglass resin with the bondo cream hardener.


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Yep man :/

it sucks,

Its reccomended to use disposable because the resin hardens it :p

well about the hardener, maybe you didnt add enough or you didnt mix it throughly.

In my expirience, I use almosy half of the hardener in a cup of resin because I hate the smell and I also hate to wait for it, so I always have to buy extra hardener when I buy resin :p


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1. YES! Good idea, all my brushes are solid rock now. Using Acetone or laquer thinner should work, but I basically soaked my brushes in it overnight.

2. It should say on the can, but it all depends on heat. Using a hair dryer might help, but don't "cook" the resin, it'll do funny things.

3. Yes. Many times. Everyone has :)



Shooot that sucks! As everyone else said, just use disposable brushes. Why bother wasting your time cleaning them :p

And if you're using Bondo brand Resin, it should say on the back. I think it's 8-12 drops per ounce (The plastic cap on the resin can).

I use about 12 drops everytime I use a cap-full of resin.

Another good tip is to line the cap with some tin foil so you can reuse it!

Good luck with your future attempts!