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Hey guys. I haven't been logged in for a while. I wanted to bring up a conversation about halo mega bloks. I have a pretty huge collection of them. First I started with sets, then I built them out of lots and improvised with extra pieces. The first one I actually had was the first halo UNSC pelican from halo wars or halo 3. I actually found the worth was over 300 or 400. My mother actually purchased it without knowing along with a huge bin of about 2 million legos mixed with the pieces of the set, and other legos and sets. It took me 2 or 3 months to complete it while fishing the pieces out of the bin. It to this day is honestly my best and greatest creation involving building with legos and mega bloks. I actually have about 18 to 20 built sets and have pieces to more including another pelican that I built the first time. I was very frustrated when I realized I had another one to build after my mother bought a mega bloks. Fortunately I did not have all the necessary pieces for the pelican so I couldn't build it so I was ashamed but at the same time relieved. I take high pride in my work of this collection. Most of my sets comes from halo wars which is a shame because I would actually like these vehicles to be seen and used in the halo games where you can pilot them yourself instead of using them only in strategy games. I hope to start a conversation with you guys about your halo mega bloks or collection.

And one last thing: Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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I dont really know how the quotes work so can someone help me with that?


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Since this thread deals less with Halo costuming and more with merchandise, I'm moving it to the General Halo section.

I honestly can't say that Megabloks interests me too much. They look like fun things to have on display, but I couldn't see myself ever actually buying any.


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I'm not the required rank to be in a regiment or an official rank to put this or any post I do anywhere else except new recruits Chernobyl. I hope you understand.


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I was well aware. I just don't see whats funny about it and would like to understand it. Is it because he later became the captain of the Infinity? Or the fact that your username is based on his second in charge and friend? I ask this in a respectful tone/voice.


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sorry for the nerco been AFK for a long..... time. but I've jumped on to this whole ban wagon when it comes to building blocks got a 19X19 moc if its okay with Florida I'd like to post some pics of it on here.
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