Just Finished "Ghosts" Novel & Halo 3 hopes

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So yesterday, i was out and picked up a copy of Nylund's new Ghosts of Onyx book. I finished it in less than 24 hours, this guy is an amazing author. Defininitly a must read for any halo fan!

~Spoiler Warning~
In the book are also discussed a number of new technologies to the halo universe, including the new Mjolnir SPI (Semi-powered Infiltration) Armor. Pretty sweet stuff, cross a Spartan II with a Ninja master and that accurately describes this new technology. And would def be cool if it made it into H3.

The book also mentions a few new weapons, and the new "spiker" pistol is mentioned though not by name. Other new weapons,
- A cut down assault variant of the battle rifle,
- A new Sniper rifle

Go get the book, it really was an amazing read...

heck yeah! gotta' read all the novels!

In fact I've been rereading the ones I have and can't find two of them. I might even end-up rebuying them.
I have spent the last week looking for that book and can't find it anywhere! I cheeked Hastings, B&B, and other local book stores here in Idaho, and have come to a conclusion, Idaho is in a separate universe where this book does not exist.... :cry: The sad thing is that only one employee I talked to had ever heard of the book, (that just isn't right)
Got mine about a week ago- At Barnes + Noble, they had lots of them. So far, I <3 it, but I recently lent it to a friend for over the thanksgiving break. Terry, if you're reading this, PLEASE DON'T BEND THE COVOR OR GET STUFF ON THE PAGES!!!! Thank you.
Is "The Flood" worth picking up and reading? I mean, Its not even Eric Nyland is it?
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