Just joined from Halo Outpost Philadelphia!


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Ready to start my own armor. Where do get the materials I need to start? Where do I get plans to go by to start construction?
Materials to pick up are depending on what style of build you want to start. Walmart and Harbor Freight have supplies for both foam and Pepakura builds plus they're relatively cheap which is a bonus.

Patterns and templates are all found in The Armory on the forums here so you've found the right place. A few costumes may need a bit of searching for more obscure parts but if you ask questions in this thread I'm sure someone will be able to dig up a link.

Welcome! Hopefully you had an awesome weekend in Philly, I know I had a blast!


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Check out the tutorial index for more information!



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Welcome to the party! Sorry I couldn't make it to meet you but glad to see new faces. Using the tutorial index and new recruit area to look and learn is your best option. But please feel free to ask questions and surf through many of the awesome threads out there. Can wait to see what you start crafting!


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Welcome Plecko! I wasn't in Philly as I'm going to Outpost Chicago, but it's so exciting to see someone join after the event!
We're all here to help, looking forward to your first build!