Just started my cardboard armor set

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I have a bunch of cardboard boxes and duct tape and a few other things to use. I have the basic base of my fore arm pieces, and my calf pieces too.
I plan on doing shoulder and thigh pieces soon, I have a question about the helmet though...
So I have a gas mask that is this one here:

But I was thinking of getting one like this:
Since it looks more spartan-like but I prolly can't since I'm on a $0 budget <__<

How should I make my helmet to go with it? I have an old foot ball helmet with the face guards off. Should I use that?
Try useing the old football helmet. you would have a nice base to work off of and you could glue your cardborad to the helmet. plus it already fits your head(hopefully)
Kinda, I need to add in some padding to make it snugger, I ripped out the padding from last time :cautious:
I have foam I can use to pad it, I just need some spray paint, And I have to make the whole helmet 2 pieces, since I gotta put the gas mask on first, since it would be very, VERY difficult to put on if it were glued to the helmet XD I might even get some tinting for the lenses to give it the spartan feel. I also have some trouble with making the chest and back pieces, I don't know how I should make them, then getting them to stay on!
And I think I might be able to get this one (not big of a chance)
That would look so good as a Mjolnir variant.
I think you should just only use the football helmet and cardboard and no gas mask. the front i think you could make look better without the mask.

as for chest and back peices...my guess is making them as the whole peice first and cut them into 2 peices letter....but don't ask me, i'm still working on my pep helmet.
I kinda wanna use the gas mask, so I'm gonna go with it. I might try getting a CQB kinda thing going with my helmet, something that will look good with my Gas mask.
Alright, I just got struck with inspiration. I found rubber coated wire in my garage, I don't know what kind of metal it is, but it is sturdy, but bendable, I could try using that as a base to support my pieces and then I have a bunch of big 5x8 note cards I could plate my armor with, to cover the wire and whatnot. Think its a good idea? I also have a paint ball mask if anyone has an idea for that.
Dont use helmets like bike or football, they always come out too big because the spartan helmet has to fit over the existing helmet, to be accurate in shape...which in the end makes in inaccurate scale to the rest of your armor.
I kinda don't wanna make it exactly like a spartan helmet, I'm making it different, WAY different. If I really shouldn't use it, how do I make the helmet?
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