Just wanted to show my appreciation...

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For all the awesomely-skilled individuals we have here at the 405th. Adam, Sean Bradley, Link, Devin (BlueRealm), Spase, Macattack, honest_insanity, smick6 (love your Brute Spiker!), all those whose work is displayed in the "Helmet comparison" thread... these individuals, and more, have helped to show so many just what can be achieved with a little imagination, ingenuity and hard work. And it doesn't necessarily have to cost us an arm and a leg to do either, lol!

The efforts of these individuals really helps to give the rest of us something to aspire to, and each is always more than willing to share thier knowledge in order to help the newer members/armour makers put together the best armour they possibly can.

I myself have been involved in propbuilding for about seven years now (mainly Star Trek only, though), and although others I know may consider me to be very well-skilled at what I do I've already learned a great deal in how to do other prop work not related to Star Trek. Once I actually have some of my own work to show here, I can only hope I can include myself among the ranks of these prominent members. Just seeing the great work these individuals have accomplished inspires me to do the absolute best I can on my own.

So, in closing I just wanted to say thanks to all you folks for your hard work and dedication. It's very much appreciated! Keep up the good work! :cool:
Didn't I? Oops... thought I had. I meant to mention him in there. Seriously, lol. There... updated... *hopes Link doesn't club me to death with one of his way-kewl AR's* :whistle:
what about the artist not in the helmet compare say hand plate makers? Just play'in.

The guys you have listed here are truly armor royalty.
That they are, Doc! Without a doubt! And as I hadn't seen anything of the sort posted before, I figured it only appropriate to give credit where credit is due... :D

And I certainly think you too deserve credit for the awesome work you've done on those Mk VI gauntlets; they are by far the best ones I've seen (can't wait to get my own set, buddy)... ;)
gamerguy55 said:
They have the best armor i have seen, and they are helpful too. ;)


can i be on the appreciation for making an awesome set of armor :p :D
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I agree. We have practically armor making celebrities on this site who are willing to guide us the whole way through. It's an extremely rewarding experience.
ecose said:
can i be on the appreciation for making an awesome set of armor :p :D

Yeah me too... LOL j/k my armor is teh suk compared to there's.
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Macattack is on there but not me. I think I'm going to cry...jk :p

You should definitely include Doom in there (Adam wouldn't have his l33t AR without Doom's handcrafted model)

I would also include Frizz(tutorial writer), Fraz(Pepakura Prometheus, bringer of the cheap accurate armor), Eternal (for his marine stuff and the Autumn) and Red(for his NAS custom help).

I can't argue with who's already on there though. :D
And as a I threw thee Holy Hand Grenade I thought of all the great armor makers that helped to destroy this killer rabbit.

I think we should honor ALL who have made or are making suits, after all that's what this sites is dedicated to in the first place, and if you aren't building START! LOL

To all of you! :confused:
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