1st Build Kaz's ODST Build


So newby here but I've gotten started on my ODST build. The plan is to work from the head down with a mix of 3D printed components, and EVA foam after getting some input from you guys here in another post. I have a friend who is taking provide files here on the 405th and ether running them through a slicer to 3D print, or other programs to make templates to foam craft.

We started with the helmet and decided to do it as a 3D print. After some turning and slicing, we found a way to reduce the supports needed as well as print the full helmet as one print. We started with a fresh roll of white PLA and got to work.


This was going fine until the printer broke. Lucky for us, the printer recognized it and an error and did a safety stop. The thermal sensor on the print bed died and triggered a safety stop to prevent a fire. But luckily my friend was able to find where the printer stopped, and after a quick repair get the print started where it left off. This does mean that the helm is in two parts.


This is the end result, with most of the supports still in place and a lot of clean up still to do. We both took a part and started to break off supports and clean up the prints.


After a few hours of clean up we noticed a happy accident. When the print was restarted, the second half was started a few steps back. So there is some overlap. This means I need to trim 1mm of material off the top half to get everything to line up right.

Next steps for the helmet:
1. More clean up and trimming
2. Bondo to fill some of the gaps and smooth out a few imperfections
3. Primer and paint
4. Foam inserts, strap, and fan
5. Visor. (We might make a vacuform machine for this, or I might try to source one from here. Don't know yet)

Pros so far. There is a level of detail that I just don't think I could have achieved with foam. Its also very lite. I ride motorcycle and my motorcycle helmet is heavier than this.

Cons. It took 10 days to print. It was an estimated 8 days, but the printer down time added to that. It was also a bit nerve racking knowing that it could fail. It did also take about 65% of a full roll of PLA.

The next big steps, things that will get worked on in a few weeks when life stops kicking my butt, print out paper templates for the main chest carrier so that can be made out of foam. While also printing the main large "trauma" chest plate on the 3D printer. I plan to have different elements of this going on at once, so while paint is drying we can work on foam. Or while DAP is curing on foam get paint on other parts done.

I'm supper stoked to not only be working on this but to have friends giving me a helping hand with this.

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Basically the same idea as my costume, part 3D Printed and part EVA. That helmet looks good so far, keep up the good work!


Thanks guys!

Minor update time since life threw me a curve ball at the end of January.


Got the top have lightly glued in place with some tacky glue until I can get the seam better sanded so things line up. I also started test fitting some foam to at least make it some what wearable. Defiantly going to do something better with how it sits on my head.


I have to do some bondo work on the very top. This was the bottom of the print and it didn't turn out how we wanted. But noting some bondo cant fix.


Used some double sided tape to start test fitting some of the electronics. I'd like to mount a two way radio and a fan or two inside. The print has a lot of room for some of the things on the sides so I don't think that will be much of an issue.

As for life. Long story short, roommates got a divorce. Got to find a new place in town to live. I'll be staying with my GF and friend who helped print this. So at the end of March I should be back on track to keep building.


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What 3d files did you use for the print? I just finished a ODST suit of my own but the helmet designs look a bit different. Looks great!


So little update after spending most of my day off working on the helm. I used Bondo, Filler Primer, 80 and 100 grit sand paper. It took a few layers of primer and Bondo to get this far. But it was such a nice day out that I couldn't help but stay out on the patio all day and work on this.

As you can see in the next photo, I was able to fill in the holes from then we 3D printed this. The top of the helm was the base of the print.

Smells like progress.

This is where I stopped for now. Going to sand it again once this coat of primer is dry and give it at least one more coat of filler primer before I address the few little spots left.





So I thought about using foam to build up the inside. But then I thought about my full face helmet I wear when riding motorcycle and thought how warm that gets here in the Las Vegas summers. So I’m trying out using a hard hat suspension. The idea being that it would allow more airflow and less insulation than foam. It fits nicely. I’ll need to add some foam to snug up a few things and possibly a chin strap. As well as make a few adjustments. If I find that it’s not working as intended I’ll switch to a foam insert.

But now onto detail painting. Then weathering. Then figure out a fan and some other electronics. And then I have to sort out how to do the visor.

But maybe tomorrow night I’ll get started on the chest in EVA foam.


Update time!

Got all moved into my new place. Took some time to get settled in.

And after that, time to get to work on some armor while still working because I’m an essential worker I guess.

Decided to move on to the base of the chest. And I started with some pep templates. Many might say “make a duct tape torso. But me, I cheated because my GF has several store mannequins. One of which is male but way more ripped than me. But it was a good base to at least get the templates laid out to see how they all go.

This worked pretty well for the most part. From there I was able to get an idea of how the templates need to be laid out, what changes I’d have to make, and if it would even fit me.

From there it was a matter of just tracing, cutting, and glueing.


Im not 100% happy with it. ButI able to live with it. This was my first time working with foam in the manner. Swords are easy since they are just straight lines. And applying heat to foam went against every bit of safety rules that I know about foam. (It makes it unsafe for LARP)

Next steps. I want to get a large roll of craft foam and cover the front and back to hide the seams and smooth out the edges. Then make the straps and buckles for the shoulders. (That’s where the opening is to put it on. Pulls over like a shirt.)

Then plasti dip and paint. Going to 3D print the large plate that I’ve been referring to as the trauma plate. After the steel plate in real body armor over the wearers heart. I want to make a few of them so I can swap them out depending on the event.

Might start the upper arms next while I wait for the craft foam roll to show up. My new roommate, who is the same one helping with the 3D printing, seems eager to do the shoulders, but I want to get base layers first.

What I’ve got so far.


So I try to get some work done on Wednesdays, I work weendends so Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off. But two weeks ago I hit a setback with some frustrations with the arms. Then got caught up with some other IRL things.

But I've had some time to clear my head, figure out what I did wrong and what I need to do to make the arms work. So I'll get on that on my next "weekend."

But I also have a friend who really wants a Destiny cosplay. We talked and that might be a future project as well. Work with him to build up something, but that's going to be a ways off.


So with the rona kinda killing all cons for 2020 and probably 2021 as well and just everything else going on in the world, I sort of ran out of steam for a bit on this.
We also had a long issue with the 3D printer as we couldn’t get good adhesion. Turns out it may have been a bad spool of filament which makes me worry about the parts we did get out of it.
But before we go any farther, photo time.

The left forearm is getting there. I still need to add another layer of black to the under side part (far left most piece), add material to the inside, and detail paint before weathering. My plan is to add a stretch layer of fabric on the in side to hold the two halves together. This way it should look like one solid piece, but be able to expand to get my hands in and out of it.
Now I said before, we may have had a bad spool of filament. This is noted that the left side has cracked twice so far while building. Once while pulling supports off, and a second time when I dropped it. This worries me a bit for any use other than photo shoots. I want to be able to be active in it. A few friends and I are talking about building a space LARP and have hunted that this would be my kit for it. Don’t want my armor to break if a nerf dart hit it. So the left arm my get reprinted first, once everything else is done.
As for the helmet, I still need to source a visor. Part of me wants to make one, the other part of me just wants to buy one or two from someone here. But I’m not sure yet.


Small update time. So here's the low down of whats been going on and I feel bad but I know I shouldn't....I've been talking to my therapist about it.

I was super hyped last winter to finally get this started and I put in the time to build up the helmet. Then in the spring I moved and ended up have some more time and space to knock out more parts. But then the rona shut everything down and right after my last post back in July I just shut down one the project. I lost all that hype and motivation. I also ran out of supplies and just couldn't find that drive to get to the store and get more.

So last week I just happened to be at a craft store and decided to pick up a few things and found a roll of Warbla on clearance. So I picked that up and started playing with that for the torso. I've never used Warbla before, but I am mostly happy with how it turned out. I do want to redo the back half as I did have some creases pop up that I'm not happy with. But I think I might be getting a little steam back in the drive for working on this. Even if all I can do with it when its done is sit and play Halo at home.

Here's where I left off, but now the torso has the front wrapped in Warbla. (I did the rear after I took this)

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