1st Build Kaz's ODST Build


With RTX2022 confirmed to be in person next year, I have 9 months to get into gear! Been making some good progress the past few weeks though with a new motivation, drive, and set of skills. It's also helping me cope with my motorcycle being stolen. Roommate said "Focus on the things you can control, not the things you cant." I can control my combat robots. I can control my ODST armor.

Any who, the chest plate is now held in with Velcro, a much better way of holding it. Magnets are cool, but Velcro is easier. Its also 90% done! I need to add one more part of my emblem and do some filling in on the back side. I keep forgetting to add the one strip to the right forearm. I found a cheap shirt at Walmart that sort of works for an under-suit, though Chief373 showed me one on Amazon that is better so I'll get that ordered up soon.

Shoulders are sliced, need to get them started soon as well. And I am wearing everything as I typed this because its my day off and I want to lul.


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