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K, I guess I ought to explain a little back story about kevlar cloth and how it relates to compositing...
(i.e. not under armor)

About Kevlar

What is it?
Aramid (Kevlar 49) is a low density, lightweight and extremely tough fabric. It was originally fabricated by DuPont.

Kevlar is meant for things that need to be heat, flame, abrasion, and solvent resistant. So, it's generally used for brake pads, boathulls, and (what most ppl think) body armor. However, please note: 1 layer of Kevlar does not make something 'bulletproof'. Real bulletproof vests are made of many layers of kevlar and a key component called the ballistics panel!

It is very difficult to cut and almost impossible to sand. To cut kevlar you need special scissors made for shearing it (expect to pay about $25). The actual kevlar is also expensive. The cheapest Kevlar cloth I find is about $22/yd (where Fiberglass cloth is about $5/yd). Also, for compositing, kevlar is meant to be used with EPOXY resins. This is not polyester resin which are the styrene based products commonly referred to as fiberglass resin or boat resin. ('Fiberglass resin' should also be noted as being cheaper and more common than epoxy resin.)


So in relation to Mjolnir armor, yes, it can technically be done. Imo, it's a cool idea, however, it would be incredibly expensive and would have more frills than should ever be needed on the backing of costume armor.

My recommendation, on the inside, just use good ol' fiberglass :) It's sturdy, easier, and more affordable. Lots of people here will attest to it and. And that way, you can use your creativity to spend that money on something that adds more visible appeal (aka "zazz" :p) to your armor!

Just my 2 cents.

I hope that helps,
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Thanks Vex.

Since posting i have spoken to the company and they pointed me in the direction of Diolen a "poor mans" kevlar. he highly recommended it but did mention that to use it it needs to be layered:

Top layer - Top Strong Matt (fibreglass)
Middle Layer - Diolen
Bottom Layer - Fiberglass (to give it support and to stop it from de-laminating.

Prices are not too bad either:

Top Strong Matt = £3.85 (for 3.3sqm)
Diolen = £3.80 1 linier meter
Fiberglass = £3.50

Total = £11.15
Cool cool, seems like you're looking at some interesting options!

Diolen...ohh that's the polyester yarn like used in seatbelts and other high tensile stuff. Nifty. I think it's been used for boat hulls and other marine stuff too. Could be neat to look into!

Yea Carbon fibre is super light :D. If you've ever held a graphite golf shaft you know what I mean. It's like fiberglass that it's strong and light. At high stress it shatters similarly too. I've heard of it being used in conjunction with other materials to get the extra strength :)

on the site they say that one application of diolen can withstand a hit from a 200kg weight from a height of 35 meters.

they say that the glassfibre breaks but the diolen springs back to shape.

i have also roughly worked out that per meter you will be looking at around 444g thats without the weight of the resin so you may be looking at 600g per meter.

its going to be a heavy suit.
Yea as a net it can stretch a lot.

As a composite material the a 550lb. block falling at 9.8m/s wouldn't rip through it but would certainly crush anything that would be in it. So don't stand under any Roadrunner or Coyote traps lol unless you have your cloth woven above you :D

Hmm 1.5lb/meter isn't shabby. You'll still sweat under the hat but it doesn't sound too bad :)

Thats why got made fans ;-)

I'll be drawing in air from small vents at the back of the helmet.

and i have to do all this by halloween. i have a few people counting on me getting this finished.
Take a look at this well respected gun stock makers thoughts on kevlar based fiberglass vs regular fiberglass.

For costume purposes fiberglass should be enough. Look at s-glass if you are still looking for something stronger than regular glass but not excesively expensive.

Kevlar is famous because it is used in bullet proof vest, but that is in its fabric form not in resin-ed. You harden it in resin, you take away its ability to flex and absorb a bullets energy to penetrate. Even in a working vest enough energy from a bullet still passes through a vest to leave a nasty bruise on the body wearing it.

I'm not after a bullet proof suit and fulyl understand the working of kevlar but i am after its strength. looking at my 3 choices 4 choices (fibreglass, carbon fibre, kevlar and diolen) i think i will go the diolen route as i want the custume to last a good while and i have a few videos in mind of doing with the costume on which will mean it wil have to be very durable.
Almost. Your good.

i have a little action scene planned. i'm going to approach some airsofters to see if they would like to make a halo inspired short film using flash bangs maroons etc. should be good.
well the mini script is being written by a mate of mine who is doing a degree in performing arts and have written and performed plays practically his whole life. so it should be good to see what comes up.
Ok i have called the place again to get my details right. You don't need an extra layer of fibreglass (saves money and weight).


Top - Fibreglass Matt
Middle - Diolen
Bottom - Fibreglass Matt

For info.

i'll be posting pics of my progress as soon as i can get hold of an air fed mask for the compressor.
Nifty! I'll be interested to see what kind of results ya get. The 3 layers, not to mention that it's mat, should make it really strong.


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