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Has anybody read the last 2 comics of the Halo: Uprising series .... I'm writing a fanfiction and i need to know what ends up happening ...
I read the first two and normally i would just check halopedia but they dont have anything ...
but what i need to know is mainly based on the Key of Osanalan which was buried under Cleveland, Ohio...

Do the Covenant get the Key?
Do the Humans destroy it?
Does anybody find out what it actually does?
Where is it currently located after the series ends?

If anybody can help that'd be great ...

oh and dont post any comments like "what the fruits a key of osanalan?!" :cautious:


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Oh ... i just realized that the 3rd comic doesnt even come out until the 30th of this month :cautious:
And theres no release date set for the fourth one soooo ....



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Dude, nobody knows what the heck the friggin key of "O" is. I'm not sure Bendis even knows. I suspect that that may be the reason for the LOOOONG delay- the writer is trying to figure out what the heck he's talking about AND how to wrap up a 4-issue series that he's already wasted half the available space on in some kind of cohesive way.

Did I mention I was a bit... um, unsatisfied with Halo: Uprising? LOL

~ Dan
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