Kidnap movie

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I shot and edited this for a project for my friend a while back. What do you all think?

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We had to pick a topic that was related to one of the books that we read for our sophomore english class. My friend obviously did his about kidnapping. And 16 is not too young, YOU CAN BE KIDNAPPED AT ANY AGE, WATCH OUT! Just kidding... I don't think we really need to worry. Especially if a lot of us have Master Chief armor.
I give that a 75%.
The idea and entire thing is nice, its just the voices were low, it seemed to late in the morning so not enough light, and waggly camera.
Thats just what I think.
AoBfrost said:
I love how that punk just drops out from nowhere and no one noticed him hiding ontop the swing.
I just love how you can hide or even lie on a 6inch wide piece of steel.
Ive tried it, its impossible to balance.
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He could have been hugging it with his legs and arms. Or He could have just climbed up there from the side, and then jump off right away.
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