Kingdom Hearts- Aqua's Stormfall Keyblade - 3D Printing

3D printable Stormfall Keyblade. Aqua's Keyblade from Kingdome hearts. Meant to finish and Upload this days ago but with terrible weather in Austin and frequent power outages, I never got the chance. 2 more keyblades on the way soon!

Features a Charm with a seprated gem and printable chain link.

Most all the pieces are cut in half for easy printing, jsut print the 2 halve then glue them together.







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So I finally got some filament to start test printing all these models and I decided to start with this one. everything was going fine and dandy until this last piece which took 15 hours, only to find out that the bed wasn't quite level and that the heat block on my hotend cracked and started oozing burnt plastic out the top. I order a new one but it will be some time before I can continue working on this or other prints.



Almost done printing. Need to wait to get more filament. Halves are taped together however segments are being held and place by the printed pegs. All that’s left to print is the other half of the key tooth pieces and bar. I’ll use a bonding epoxy to glue the halves and segments together and fill in the seems with spot putty before sanding and painting.

Length ref next to my old competition blade and witch sword. blade 29 inches and the full length is around 44




Nice! I've been working on Aqua's Rainfell Keyblade for too long now, really need to get around to finishing that. Native Texan over here as well, winter storm shirley really messed stuff up.

There may be another way to approach this, but do you take suggestions/requests/commissions? PM me if that's a possibility.
I finally finished Aqua’s storm fall keyblade!... then I promptly dropped it on concrete and broke the handle.




Since it was glued into the guard I have to now reprint that piece as well pieces. FML. Luckily the blade was not damaged.

The reason it broke was because when I printed the the handle I made the walls too thin and with not enough infill. The crease toward the top created a week point and since it wasn't properly reinforced, it broke. I will obviously correct this when I fix it. I will also be remaking it so I can put in one of my printed dowels just for good measure.

Right now though my printer is busy making armor so it will be a while before I fix it.


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