Kingdom Hearts - Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade - 3D printing

Boy and Girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Well here it is , a 3D printable Decisive Pumpkin Keyblade From Kingdom hearts. This was more of a challenge than I anticipated, but it was a lot of fun to work on and one of my favorite keyblades. Not my best renders but since this is for 3d printing I hope no one minds.

-Each of the blade pieces have a ring to indicate the top side of that piece. This is the side you attach to the next piece

-With the exception of the pieces with obvious arches, none of the pieces should require supports

-Antlers and Skull are cut in halve so you will need to print 2 of the skull and 4 of the anlters for both sides

-Tie a green ribbon where jack's hat meets the blade.

-Due to the awkward shape of the blade the peg holes may not be centered or be skewed. this is intentional and the pieces should fit together fine

-Also due ot the awkward shape and number of segments, this creates many stress points. I recommend using and Epoxy Adhesive like J-B Weld.
I also recommend going low on the infill for the blade parts and adding more to the pegs, this will reduce the weight at the stress points

-For the keychain you can just use generic pumpkin and Dimond shape beads.










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Ah heck, now you're making me wanna dive back into Kingdom Hearts! I suck at it but I'm so desperate to make it to Halloween Town

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