Kingdom Hearts - Terra's Ends Of The Earth Keyblade- 3D print build

One of my next cosplays is Terra's armor from kingdom hearts. instead of 3D printing it like I normally do I'll be going the foam route as I don't feel the pieces are big or detailed enough to warrant printing. That said however I have Modeled and will be printing his Ends of the Earth Keyblade. which you can get below.

I based it off the original Cinematic trailer rather than the in-game design and added the keychain. Holes run through all paces so that you can uses a PVC pip or other preferred shaft straight through. I included optional printable connectors. I made 2 versions of the charm, one whole and another with a removeable gem incase you want to print it with a translucent material or resin. I'll be working on this periodically between my spartan armors. I also plan of making other keyblades so if there are any you guys would like to see let me know.






Printed the guard to my keyblade and I thought I underestimated the size before, it’s supposed to be big but I wasn’t expecting THAT big. Dnd mini for scale.

Compared the the cheap foam one I got off Amazon

After really looking at it, this would also make a cool hilt for an energy sword. I think I might have just come up with an idea for a crossover cosplay.

Update 2/06/2021:
-Added simple chain links! just print as many as you need and glue the halves together.
-Fixed holes in the Grip.obj, were previously a smidge to small for the connectors.

Had just enough filament to finish the guard and handle. Unfortunately I’m out now and broke AF. Going to be at least a month before I can continue working on this. Now accepting donations for the poor ~kidding(maybe)

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