Kingdom Hearts- Terra's Linger Will Armor - 3D Printable

After many, many setbacks, here it is Finally! 3D printable Terra's Lingering Will Armor from Kingdom Hearts!

Like the Aqua's armor I only did the rigid plating. other parts of the armor such as the sides and boots will still need to be made out of foam as these pieces need to be flexible or form fitting.

It was rough trying to get this one done. With everything I 've been having to go through an deal with I been finding it really hard to work on anything but I know a lit of people have been looking forward to this one. So I decided to crack down and grind it out the past few hours. You may note some slight quality difference between pieces as my Zbrush license expired between now and when I last worked on it. it wont really be noticeable once is printed however.



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