Props Kings AIE-486 H Machine Gun WIP


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Greetings 405th, its been far to long since I've posted anything substantial. As Im always trying to find or do things that I rarely or never see done I figured I would go ahead and start a new build thread of one of the weapons I've long sought to have: the AIE-486 H Machine gun. Most of us know it as the tri-barreled machine gun that was first seen in Halo 3 and then Reach and now Halo 4. This time around I'm going to make a semi functional weapon prop. The gun will feature sliding charging handle, a rotating barrel assembly, and ammo belt that winds up and into the gun at the same time the barrels spin. I'd like to add sound to the mix and get the full package, minus the gun spewing hot lead of course ;P
There are actually an amazing set of reference pics that I found simply by googling Halo Turret so to give an idea of what the end result should look like: halo-turret-zbrush-rens_zps1712de22.jpg

And what the current progress looks like, it aint much, and it aint pretty either, but its a start...


So the general plan I have is to use PVC for the body and barrels of the gun (kinda obvious right?) The majority of the detail, the shields, muzzle brake, etc. will be done with eva and craft foam to save weight. While PVC isnt too bad, the dummy ammo is somewhere around 4 lbs and adding a motor to spin the barrels and and ammo belt add on pounds as well, and as the saying goes pounds = pain

And finally a reference to the guns size as of now compared to my armor which is around 5'6 on its stand. I couldn't find the actual dimensions for the gun, so Im sort of winging it in that regard, but hopefully once the muzzle brake and back end of the gun are installed it should at least look proportional.

Anyways thats it for now, any questions, thoughts, or advice is always welcome and appreciated.
Thanks for looking!



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Ok update time. So I covered a bit more on all angles of the gun: the charging lever now works, I just need to place a larger knob on the lever so its easier to grab. The shields have been mounted and some detail work was done. Just for grins and giggles I attached the metal rod that Im going to use to rotate the barrel assembly into place and then attached that into a drill. Minus the noise the thing looked and spun like it did in game. Hopefully in the next few days I can mount a motor, probably from a cordless drill, and get the guns spinnin' and with a few properly placed gears, the ammo belt will wind into the gun. Until then I'll leave you guys with these...



Still slightly rough looking yes, and in the above pic, the barrels aren't mounted to the gun just sitting in place and why they look skewed. So what do you guys think so far? As always questions, thoughts, and advice are welcome and appreciated!