Laptop Update/other stuffs


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Well not much is happening about my lappy. One of my cousin's is trying to fix it without spending anything but apart from that I dunno what else is happening with it.

I hope it'll be fixed...

As for the other stuffs: I've only got a few more weeks of high school left! :eek: It's kinda scary to think about...

I'mma gonna be handing CVs to job places during this week (hopefull). I'm hoping I get accepted into Gamestation, that would be sweet!

Apart from that, not much has been happening.

Will blog again, soon!



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foxleader;bt3489 said:
hope it gets fixed my xbox is all **** up and i'm spending 139 on a used one.
Ouch, that sucks pretty hard! My Xbox is broken too and has been for nearly half a year! :eek: I'm really annoyed now than I've usually been 'cause really awesome games are schedualed to be released this year! D: