Laser Tag Plasma Rifle

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Not sure if this has already been posted (I looked a bit, but didn't find anything), but there is a picture of the Plasma Rifle from the laser tag set up now.

Probably being held by a kid.


The Covenant Plasma Rifle vibrates with every shot and when it overheats, at which point the heat exchange flanges will pop out from the side, just like in the video game!

Well, I guess there one less weapon on the list to make.... wonder how their energy sword is coming along.... hmm.
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Well, Elites are pretty big... I seen a picture of a 1:1 pistol, and it pretty much looked like that when the guy held it.
thise guns are surpose to be big.........i wondering if there going to sell them here in the US
No doubt. The company that makes them is located in California. All the foreign sites seem to be beeting the US ones to the preorders, though.
repainting would be fun..i'll buy another and gut to put into my plasma pistol or i'll to see if they make one
it says it does what the game do with the overheat and if the other side has the lighting display then its worth it
It may be cheaper over here. Someone said the Koto statue on that foreign site converted to about $100, but on US sites it is $85. I know the JoyRide figures were generally more expensive in other countries, too.

As for where to find them, you'll probably see a good number of places with preorders for them when it gets closer to their release date.
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