Lasky Officer Jacket Build - Halo: Waypoint Edition

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Hi everyone!
I'm in the process of having a custom Lasky jacket created for me - Emulating the one on display at Outpost Discovery

A friend (Drajbuky )'s mother is a heckova seamstress! SO here's the progress thus far: FYI: Start of the project --> 6'2", 249lbs

1. She took my measurements & made a temporary jacket to see how the it would all lay out, as well as any immediate size changes

Some adjustments were needed

2. After getting the adjustments, she then made another jacket, more closely resembling Lasky's. There would be changes and piece replacements as needed.
The ONE MAJOR thing that happened in this time-frame, was that the pandemic hit. During this time, I dedicated much of my time to getting back in shape - I lost about 35lbs! (now down to 212) So THIS made foe some MAJOR alterations after trying it on - which STILL looks great IMHO!
Test 1.jpg

3. She is also HAND embroidering all of the jacket's ornamentation - I'm BLOWN AWAY at what she does....

I'll post more as we go back & forth - any ideas/suggestions please post!

HUGE props to Drajbuky & her Mom!!!!



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You guys would not believe how much fun my Mom is having with this!! Mom has sewn for years (made tons of clothes for me growing up), I have recently gotten her into cosplay sewing for myself since I am pretty much limited to simple fixes with cloth. (I am pretty darn good at laceration repairs tho!)
The biggest complicating factor is Mom lives pretty far away from where we are, so she has been mailing the jacket prototypes to me, we catch up to fit it and videocall her so she can see what it looks like. She texts me photos of progress when she can.

The pandemic and quarantine kinda shot the timeline of completion in the foot, but safety first.

The jacket base pattern she started with is McCalls M4745...then she started 'hacking' (her words lol). She used the photos that we took at HOD, and photos you guys posted here for references, so huge thank you for always sharing photos!!
If the initial prototype looks too long in places, we over-estimated on measurements with the plan of taking in vs having to cut out a new piece if fit was off.

I cannot remember what kind of cloth we got except both were polyester fabrics? In the discussion of what type of cloth to use, we decided that while a wool blend would be most traditional, it would also be extremely WARM, so we decided on a poly or poly-blend that would not need pressing (wrinkle-factor), and had some sturdiness to it.

She is currently working on sleeves- constructing the strap-pieces that attach elbow to shoulder, making some adjustments to sleeve diameter, and sewing on the gold stripe.

I will bug her for MOAR PICTURES and share them!!



That is so bad ass! My folks just recently got a sewing machine so will defo need to learn to use it so I can make something like this or an under suit for spartan armour


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That has to hurt the finger tips, but looks too badass to think about it.


Dude, that hand-done embroidery is absolutely incredible! Also, congrats on the initiative to get into shape after quarantine hit, that's something I struggled on. One trick I would do personally, is add add in a little plate on the inside back for a cooling pack to be added, I'm not sure how warm your cosplay gets, but it's always nice to have a little low-profile cooling. :D


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*erupts from the Earth's crust*
Would anyone like to see some progress photos of ye olde jacket???
Good, because I gots'em!
We have sleeve construction completed. I was told the black strap is attached with velcro to prevent accidental ripping of material or weird bunching. at bottom is a little closer shot of sleeve with gold trim. Mom offered Jim the choices of three symmetrical trim stripes or one larger in middle. Jim opted for asymmetry and I think it looks pretty sharp.
The epaulet construction and black yoke that goes underneath arm were pieces that were made separately and attached. I got an amusing photo of the first pattern attempt at the yoke with scissors stabbed through it because 'measure twice...DANG IT!' lol.
Then halfway through the build, Mom decides she could do the embroidery of the leaves BETTER because why not? SO on the left you will see a much more detailed leaf, which will replace current leaf on epaulets.
I'll toss up the jacket and collar attachment photos next!


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Next, we have the jacket body proper and attached collar! There is a piece of chiffon tacked over the emblem on chest to prevent snags while being worked on and shipped. Gotta protect that precious handiwork!! Also featured in photo- Mom's toes!
The collar with bars and leaves have been attached in the second photo. Third photo is a close-up of the collar.
She told me she has a timeline written up for construction and anticipates finishing the jacket in the next two weeks!! Nothing like a fun project to get your creative juices flowing! I have a few pictures of lining/guts and the pattern for the yokes if anyone would like me to toss them up, let me know!
Major kudos to Mom!!
When I get more progress photos, I'll put them up!


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Other side notes that I just thought about...
The zipper is attached upside-down on purpose. If you notice in the photos from HOD, that is the way it was constructed as well. We had a few skype discussions about the meaning behind this and how Jim wanted zipper. He opted for stick with upside down. Three days later, I get a text at 6am from Mom: 'It goes on upside down so you can unzip jacket and sit without it wrinkling up weird around your body.' Practical!
If you compare the original post with Jim wearing the jacket to the most current photos I posted today, there has been some alteration with zipper location that was explained to me, but I kinda forgot EXACTLY what she did (sorry!).
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