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So this is my first time ever building a Halo costume. I've always wanted to build one, it's actually what got me into Cosplay. The unfortunate part was, I was no where near the skill level am I today to even attempt one of these. In fact, I'm still learning new things everyday! With much guidance, I was able to costruct my first piece, the front of the toroso.

This is took about two days to complete just the front half. Most of the time was taken to learn how to cut straight, due to my natural angle cut.

The back originally came out as the picture shown above. It was awful and I hated every second I kept adding more to it, because in my opinion, it looks like poop. I took the back apart, salvaged some pieces, and put them back together with better flushed cuts, and instead of craft foam, stuck to all L200 foam(floor mats). Needless to say, I was much happier with the second results.