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Hi I'm a newb to this board but I've been a lurker for a week or so.
A friend and I are going to start making the Halo 3 Mjolnir armor and I was getting a list for all the stuff that we needed but the one part that's stumping me the most are the LED lights.
I've looked up a bunch of tutorials but it's still really confusing.
So I was wondering if someone could tell me first hand how they did it on their suit just so I can understand it.
Thanks very much!
my suit is wired to hell with headsets, speakers, lights, fans, controllers, an ipod. feel free to PM me if you need help.
Red, you should add a chapter onto Sean's tutotrial.. call it..

How ta' Pimp Yo' Spartan! You've got some great stuff goin' on over there.
Yo. This is R to the E-D. first off, we gotta get da right toolz son. You gotta get the boys up at the RShack to hook you up with some D batteries. D's like yo mamma.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted:
The ones I got come pre-wired with resisters and the wires are the perfect length to have the battery and switch in the back of the helmet.

Just cut off the pc power connect splice the wires on all four leds then connect the positive wires to the switch then connect connector to the other end of the switch and the negative wires to the connector negative, plug in battery. Zing zam zoom you got four working leds ready to mount.

I bought 4 LEDS from


bought 1 9v connector from radioshack


bought a switch from radioshack

Realm, you rock, thanks!

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LOL "Pimp My Armor"

MC: Electronics what you got fo' me?

E: Well were gonna mount 2 flip out tv monitors on the chest plate, put in a 360 and add neon lighting around the edges!
Sgt. Johnson: I think we'll do a couple of coats of flat O.D. Green, then top it off with some stylin' flames to give it that fresh look.
remember those old old switches you used to have?

Well the boys at Zanzibar Beach hooked you up with top-of-the-line fighterjet switches
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