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Why dose every helmet i see had 4 leds on the sides, in the game he has a big light on the left side of his helmet and thats it, unless i dont know somthing, but why dosent someone do that? Instead of the leds that is.
Well go play co-op adn go somewehre dark and turn on your flashlight it comes out of the side of his helmet if i remember right, sorry for the confusion i guess im vague........or .......somthing ....heheheh.
but still why dosent anyone put a flashlight there instead of leds.....is ...becuase NAS did it first and everyone copies off of them?????? hehehehe or i dont know.
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true and everyone liked it and i didnt care for it but thats what people wanted, plus a flashlite will not fit there
there is mini flashlights that are powerfull, take one apart and put it in there, or you could be original and put leds in your helmet.
Theres a name for those mini flashlights that are more powerful....what was it again....oh: "LED Flashlights"


Thas' why we put 'em in there.. :mrgreen:
boo hiss boys. Just put a piece of opaque* plexiglass over the hole to give the appearance of one light. Led's are brighter and smaller thus the logical choice for something you wear on your head (size/weight).

*again I suck at spelling
what, but i was saying is you guys put 4 in, blue leds or green, but he has like ione on the left side and thats it, and its not a led i don tthink , becuase its white.
WHOAH white leds huh, neva heard of em, errrrr back to typign normal. anyways i never heard of them. But then why dosent someone get one of thsoe and put it on the left side like the game??HUH yep no one knows.
white LEDs

it will not look right with one led on one side
You might want to take that one up with bungie they are the ones that made it not me.
and he dose have things in the other 3 holes in his helmet but mabey thay are backup ones? who knows.
White leds are awesome, but you said it didnt look right with only one led so i was like..........o, on the helmet it has like these samll spikes where you guys put the leds, and in other pictures its just white, so mabey hmm o well just put your leds there, or mabey one white led on the left side and then fill the rest up with those spike things like in the pics.
its in the game, do a match and have one guy with the lite on and you turn to look at him (make sure its in a dark place)
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