Less than a week, are you excited?

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We are less than a week away from the release of Halo Infinite. Personally I am excited to continue the Master Chief story. I just hope they don't kill him off like they tried with Shepherd in Mass Effect 3. Give him a good send off if this is to be his last. Sort of a ride off into the sunset sort of ending if it truly is his last ride.
I will miss the midnight release like they used to do at GameStop. Sad that the newest Halo game won't have one, at least at GameStop.
Are you excited and what about the new Halo Infinite?
I am excited as anyone for the game but my comp is apparently not powerful enough to run the multiplayer so I will have to wait a bit until I can upgrade my processor apparently. I'm just excited for more halo story lines. I love the campaigns in Halo games and think this one looks awesome. Idk about his end tho, I think a heroic end like the ending of Reach would be good (although it might seem ripped off if it's too similar to Reach). I feel like they should definitively end his story so that they aren't tempted to keep milking it for more money inevitably making worse and worse games just to capitalize on the devoted fan base. Like, end on a high note and then let it die as to avoid ruining it.
Definitely excited for the 8th. Originally I wasn't too impressed with the early campaign footage from last year but I've jumped back on the hype train after the tech previews and new trailers. I somehow don't work the 7th OR the 8th so I can get my multi-player fix in, followed by the campaign! On the idea of what will happen to Chief in the end, I don't know if they will send him out with a bang or pull a halo 3 legendary and just save him for later. Might be something to work with for the future to have a new player character find Chief adrift and send him off to a beach to retire. Wraps up his story and maybe gives way for a new one.
My excitement level varies from Day To Day.

I'm excited to continue Chief's Story, but, I'm concerned at the same time because I do still want a satisfying conclusion to the problems set up by Halo 5. While Halo 5 was not at all where I had hoped the Story would go, I still want to see it played out, but the trailers and the Build Up are really Hyping The Banished, and the only mention we have had of Cortana is the Campaign trailer where *New Cortana* seems to imply that Chief has already taken care of the Cortana situation with the dialogue of “the rogue AI known as Cortana is gone. She’s been deleted,” in the one trailer. Halo 5 left a real Cliff Hanger with Humanity's back totally up against the wall, and I hope that conflict with Cortana and The Created isn't just sort of hand waved away with Dialogue about the threat being taken care of Off Screen, and The Banished are the biggest issue, don't worry about what happened after Halo 5. I was hoping for some Unique Alliances, some creative Team Ups to take out Cortana, maybe even use the Created as a justification about why the Armor is back to the Reach Style, that they went back to Older Gear that is harder for the AIs to tap into, going back to analog instead of digital to get around them, as it were.

Hopefully we will get satisfying answers, and the Banished are being hyped to help distract away from some spoilers about what happens with Cortana and The Created.

I will also admit, I am now feeling a little, let down I guess, by 343 in that I did Pre-Order Halo: Infinite but now the Multiplayer has been released for Free, and the campaign will be on Game Pass. I'm kind of scratching my head at this point as aside from my Love of Halo, there seems to have been no reason for me to pay $60 for this game, as it sounds like the Battle Pass is not included with the price of the retail Game, so I have to spend an additional $10 on top of the $60 I already spent to use any armor I unlock in MP, and it also sounds like from early reviews that there currently are no Armor or Customization options included or exclusive with the Retail Game, nor are any unlocked or earned through Campaign progression or Skull/Achievement Hunting. Again, we'll see on Wednesday, but I'm not holding my breath at this point.
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