Lethbridge Industrial Model 2544 Spartan Magnum


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Has anyone ever considered making an original weapon for the Halo Universe? As I was thinking about my H4 Locus build (Photos to come) I thought to myself what kind of side arm the Spartan I'm trying to personify would carry. I decided to come up with my own:

Lethbridge Industrial Model 2544 Spartan Magnum

The 2544 Spartan Magnum is a secret prototype handgun developed by Lethbridge Industries in cooperation with Dr. Halsey. It has one distinct purpose - killing out of control and rogue Spartans. The gun is designed as a 6 shot, 11x41mm Magnum Revolver, with an 8 inch ported barrel, weighing 45oz. The revolver, while an archaic design, proved more reliable than M-6 pistols chambered in the high power 11x41mm round.

The ammunition fired from this unique sidearm, the 11x41mm Magnum cartridge, is a Titanium cased, Magnesium Jacketed, Tungsten Sabot, with a depleted uranium core. The end result is a 300 grain projectile, which travels 500 meters/second, at 1100 degrees Celsius. The 11x41mm magnum rips through MJOLNIR easier than a Covenant energy sword.

It is unclear how many Model 2544's were produced. While the plans for the weapon do exist, there is no record of production. Rumors circulated recently in the highest levels of ONI that one of these hand-cannons is in the possession of The Grim Reaper, a half-dead Spartan rescued by Dr. Halsey's team during the Fall of Reach, re-purposed to eliminate rogue Spartans and Eliminate those within the UNSC who want to see an end to the Spartan program.


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:D I love the idea and the story behind it. I guess I've never considered doing something like that because it wouldn't be very recognizable (or at all.) But on the other hand I don't think people outside of the Halo fan base would recognize a multiplayer variant suit anyways.