Let's play Halo guys! Join my game community!

Before anything: this may be considered advertising and may break some rules but I think it's one for the community so please excuse this set back...

To EVERYONE in 405th!

Do you like playing Halo? Are you tired of all the Matchmaking you're playing constantly?
Do you want to play some of the classic custom game modes like Speed Halo and Frogger?

Come join this Game Community I'm in called Chaos Fearless!

Let's be honest guys, the Halo community isn't as big as it used to be, and custom games aren't as popular now. Our branch is trying to bring together Halo fans to play classic game modes that we wouldn't see on Matchmaking.

Nobody in my friends list plays Halo anymore, they're too busy with COD... And Action Sack is getting a little boring now.

Time to admit I'm only here because the "clan" is on the verge of collapse, because our branch has too little members and too many people leaving to continue. I'm trying to recruit people to keep it alive.

There aren't many requirements, but we ask for you to have a uniform (armor color gray and a rank emblem) which you only have to wear when you're in a game night, and be a good person. Seriously, we only exist to bring Halo players together for some fun.

Questions? Please, give it a try. I don't want my branch to die and I certainly want to see more of you guys on 405th play Halo.

Message me here or on Xbox Live (BiGHARYSCOTSMiN) your reaction and/or your wish to join. I'll invite you to a party and make sure you're an acceptable player or not (just to make sure you have a mic and act maturely and nicely.


Note I joined the community expecting some try-hard MLG competitions and a minimum SR130 rank or something but NO! Like I said, we play custom games, have fun and that's it! You don't even have to try out or have a 3+ K/D spread.... So don't expect an expectation for skills or rank!