Licemsed MC Armor coming..

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This is the test sample from Rubies, saw it at SDCC this week. From what they told me the final one will differ.




Licensed Sword, Plasma pistol and rifle are all coming out too, but not by Rubies. I don't have a pic of the flyer with them yet.

WTF - Who let that be licensed?
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THEY RUINED THE FUN OF MJOLNIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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theres something about that armor i dont like at all....seems i dunno, thinish.
I see the defects in it, theres a tall fat person wearing it. It makes it look crappy.

the helmet is...........BAD
It appears the armor is too small for the size of the wearer. Not enough body cover to make it look...workable. Shrank in the wash perhaps?
Is has some nice qualities. Like the deep scractches on the chest. that's a nice touch, the color's good too.

But the helmet looks... narrow?

It's a bit off, i'll admit.
Adam's armor, ftw
Rubies is kind of notorious for making substandard but way too expensive costumes.

However, depending on the material this is made out of (and the price) it might be a good starting point. That's what people use the Rubies 'Deluxe' Batman suit for.
It's missing the back section of the arms on this display. The vinyl suit looks terrible in person. I have a feeling this is going to be like the deluxe vader suits hwere some look nice, some look terrible. I thought the chest piece and thighs looked nice but everything else is lacking. Expect the finished piece to be pretty different than what I showed you.


This is like a proto-type?
I hope they polish it up alittle more than what they have in the pictures before me
The helm looks a little squished and the overall the armor plates seem to be a bit too thin. Oh well, just means that people will be even more impressed by
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