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So during my many hours (days? Weeks?) of research prior to deciding to do the full MC cosplay outfit I recently started I stumbled on to the Galactic Armory 3D printed life size MC video series. Since I've always been a "go big or go home ' kinda person (I recently finished a 3 year screen accurate, operator on the inside, motorized, fully electro mechanical Arduino based Dalek) I've decided I should have one in my shop - you know, for inspiration and all ... Besides, my real F-15 ejection seat I acquired while on AD with the AF needs a companion ... don't ask how I came into possession of it ... lol. Not exactly sure when I'll find the time but since I'm retired and I can't go bass fishing EVERY day ... I should be able to carve out some time.

So I'm curious if anyone else has or is taking this on? I purchased the figurine from GA that he used and was thrilled to discover that he included the life size model version as well ( should have been obvious when I saw the zip file was over 1 gig)! I'll still need to throw it into the same s/w he used which takes your 3D printer build volume and slices up a file to fit but that won't be a big deal.

So any other crazy people out there besides me and the GA guy?


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Yes! Felipe06 has one in the Canadian regiment! I'm not sure what file he used, but I did get to see it when he came down to Toronto this past August for Fan Expo. You can see the unpainted statue in the background of our booth (along with some very sleepy Spartans)


I think this is not the only one... I could have sworn I saw another chief statue in pictures from other members. I might have heard about it from JTF4, but I also might be making this up in my head.

Actually, you know who might know? The Galactic Armory himself! Hey Galactic Armory, do you know of anyone who has made your life-sized chief statue?
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