Life Size Odst Drop Pod!

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CommanderFluffy said:
its cool.. but not what i would build.. i would want to make it as close to the game as possible.

We really prided ourselves in making it as close as we could to the source material. What do you feel we missed or got wrong?
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Hey Guys and Gals, Let me introduce myself...

My name is Tracy and I am also one of the artists involved with Creative Environments, the company that built the ODST Drop Pod. I can't tell you how awesome it is to see a discussion about our "baby"!! I'm loving your forum and looking forward to reading all I can and getting to know you all have some awesome ideas and input!!

A little about the pod so you understand...First off it had to be made to go above and beyond all safety regulations because it is in a retail store and not somewhere like a theme park or more adult geared venue. The ODST Drop Pod has to be safe for all aged users and virtually indestructible at the same time as looking the part of virtually indestructible but without all the parts that a small child or elderly person could get hurt on lol. Now...if we had the go ahead to build it exactly the way we would like for personal or home use and not have to worry about the general public or the extra safety issues associated to the general public, that would be a whole other story. We have come up with many amazing ideas to make the Pod a true out of this world experience!!

Right now it is the only actual authorized Halo ODST Drop Pod in the world (in fact I believe its the only one authorized or not). We worked very closely with Halo creators and it is made to scale from their actual prints with their permission of course!! The Pod is equipped with a 19" screen just inches from your face once the door closes that is hooked to an X-Box Elite...when the door closes an original movie trailer for Halo 3 starts up and even has a full drop sequence which is totally awesome to hear on the 5.1 surround sound system...the seat rumbles as you get ready to be dropped...really makes you feel like a Hell Trooper!! There are multiple more smaller screens which serve as your control panels and lots of details to look at in the cockpit!! Since its already equipped with the x-box it can be used for multiple other things then just watching the trailer, but because of time restraints in the store thats the experience the customers get at this time!! We have played a few games from inside and used it as an awesome stereo system lol!!

The Pod was built as an attraction for the new Gamers Lounge that was set up to give Best Buy a competitive edge over other "game" stores...The Lounge in this store (Mid Rivers Best Buy in Saint Peters, Missouri) offers 9 gaming areas complete with multiple gaming systems, media couches, and experienced players to help out with any questions consumers may have...The ideal is for people to be able to come in and enjoy the products just as they would at home before purchasing to make sure that game or that system is the best choice for their needs...or for parents to have one of the gamers play the game so they can see if its something their younger child can play and is age appropriate if they aren't gamers themselves. The Gamers Lounge is a 100% free service and if it goes over well in this store or if enough requests are made in other stores it will be expanding out to more and more Best Buy stores across the country!!

We have a multitude of pictures and video if there is any interest to see or learn more about it from you guys!! For now I will leave you with this video to give you a better idea of what the ODST Drop Pod and the Gamer Lounge really are!!

It's real cool, you guys did a great job. Just out of curiosity, though, why did you opt to have a SPARTAN standing outside and not a ODST? SPARTANs don't need a pod for orbital insertion ;)!
It's quite nice actually... but agreed, you need an ODST to go with the Drop Pod. I understand that the Rubies Master Chief suit was probably just convenient to source, but there are plenty of accurate ODST costumes out there if you know where to look. If you had contacted some of us in the Halo fan community earlier we could have arranged a whole squardron of ODST's to compliment your event.

Anyhow, it's a great achievement, something that many of us here have dreamed of doing. Is anyone from the 405th close enough to Saint Peters, Missouri to go check it out? It looks like a great place to go shoot some pics!

Tracy, The central hub of the Halo fan community is a website called Halo.Bungie.Org. Perhaps you should send your story to them, It'll get out to a grester share of the audience you should reach with this.
Just to add to Sean, when he says "squadron" he means it. If you look around, there are probably 50+ ODST's floating around just this site hahaha. Other than that, great job! I wouldn't mind making one for myself if I had the time haha
In all honesty...brace yourselves...We built this in a total of 25 days and the Master Chief suit is the one that was sent to us. Again in all honesty *please don't flog or stone me* but I was and am far from an expert on Halo probably about as far as you can get and still know at least what it is...the guys in our group were more familiar with everything but personally not myself. I am now hooked, and learning everything as fast as I can. Finding this site was a miracle for me!! I must say I have become addicted very fast!!

Sean Bradley said:
but there are plenty of accurate ODST costumes out there if you know where to look. If you had contacted some of us in the Halo fan community earlier we could have arranged a whole squardron of ODST's to compliment your event.

OMG that would have been/could be awesome!!! We are on location in this particular store until about the middle of April I'll have to find out the exact date today and let you guys know...if there is honestly any interest in some of the more local/closer members coming here I'll do everything in my powers to make it happen and get you guys the most coverage I possibly can!!

We have a few members in our group that have been involved with different types of "reenacting", myself included, and we pride ourselves on accuracy when we attend events...this was just such a fast moving schedule we had little time to prepare for anything other than the pod!!

Thank you guys for all your input and help...thanks for not booting the noob out the door!! I'll be reading more today and going through your site and hopefully fit in here pretty well before to long!!!
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you guys honestly did an amazing job!

I really want to make one but I dont know where I would put one in my house haha :p
I think I speak for everyone here when I say thanks for the inside scoop on the project! We'd LOVE to see more, and I'm sure there are about a million questions.

Did your company work directly with Bungie? You mentioned that worked with game creators. Is this the only drop pod that your company is making, or will there be more at other locations? How long will the drop pod be on display?

Again, thanks so much for the info and for contacting us directly here. Hopefully we can get some ODST's en route to that location STAT! If I could arrange it, I'd be there myself in a heartbeat!


EDIT: Holy Schneikies, look at these detail shots:





DAMN GOOD FIND! I can't pull the cookies out of the oven fast enough to show you how much this kicks ass.

(Hate to say they beat us to it.....gosh darn it wha;.,...) However, This is going to be great for the diorama in referances as well as our odst trailer.

I have one major question besides the time of about 25 days it took you guys to build this about how much did it cost to build it?
:eek that's epic iv thought it would make a good bed or a thing to play games in but that's a kick ass find my friend
sirfroget said:
:eek that's epic iv thought it would make a good bed or a thing to play games in but that's a kick ass find my friend

Personally I thought it would be awesome to put a toilet in for the seat and a wetbar...that away you never had to come out!!! :lol

Now to try and answer some questions:

How long will the Drop Pod be installed? Best Buy wanted to track sales over six weeks to see if the Gamer Lounge boosted their margin...The Lounge opened on Sunday Feb 14th so March 28th would be 6 weeks but now they are saying the middle of April (gotta love dealing with corporations...but we are happy to have it on display as long as they let us!!)

Will there be more made for other locations? Thats up to Best Buy...if there is enough people requesting at other stores more than likely yes...if they don't, I have a feeling someone will want displays like this. We have plans for lots more and would love to build bigger and better versions of the Drop Pod and other large scale items!!

Did your company work directly with Bungie? I don't want to fabricate this so I will talk to Scott and find out who all was involved exactly, We had a lot of corporate contacts and channels to go through so one man was in charge of all of that part as to not create confusion (we were allowed to reproduce the insignias and such but I want to be able to tell you truthfully and at this point I have way to many names jumbled in my head!!)

Is this the only drop pod that your company is making, or will there be more at other locations? One way or another we would love to build more!!

about how much did it cost to build it? Honestly I don't know if any of us actually know!! So many people got involved with doing a little here and a little there since this was a prototype, we used a lot of stuff we already had in stock(we have another biz separate from this one) and we haven't had a chance to sit down and actually figure that out yet...we got busy trying to promote and working and trying to get new pieces made for the display and trying to figure out the best way to produce more pods if they come to us in a few weeks and ask for more. I think we are all actually scared to figure it up to be honest, we may be living in the pod if this thing flops :lol
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Just because you guys will appreciate would you like to pass this going down the road at night????



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