Life Took a Left Turn


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Late December, the doctors released me as fit to return to work, so after the holidays, I took the initiative to go back to Texas so I'd be ready to go back to work.

Well, that blew up in my face.

As soon as I made it to Tyler, TX and started looking at apartments, my boss called to tell me the position in Tyler no longer exists. The shop I was originally going to work at shut down, and the only thing currently open is in Baton Rouge. At the same time, don't really do anything yet because we're 90% sure that you'll go there, but don't get an apartment or anything yet. I couldn't do anything, but I was at least able to take advantage of the limbo/downtime. I drove down to stay in Round Rock with near a friend. I couldn't really stay at her place because her sister/roommate has a dog (and I had my cat with me), but I was able to do laundry and eat some real food. Within a week, I got movers arranged, got confirmation that I'd be in Baton Rouge, and drove down to Louisiana. I moved into a new apartment, got all my stuff yesterday, and I'm currently in the process of unpacking.

I'm excited about the job, but I don't know about the location. I did not sign up for Louisiana; I don't know if it'll work out, and I really wanted to be in Texas, but I'm here. And I really hope the 405th map is wrong; otherwise, I'm the only dot in southern Louisiana.


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Dude, sorry to hear about your current misadventure. I hope all is well.