Life Took Another Turn


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So last entry, I think I just kinda rambled about not being excited about Louisiana. Well, no offense to anyone from the state, but I can't stand it here. I do not like cajun food. I do not like creole food. Deep fried foods give me stomach cramps, and I don't like eating a lot of meat. Unfortunately, those things seem to be all there is to eat in this state.

However, there seems to be some good news: There's not enough work to keep me in Louisiana, so I'm being transferred to Florida, where a position just opened up. They sent me down to the Tampa area for a week to meet some of my coworkers and the shops I'm going to be servicing. So far, I like it. The area I'm moving to reminds me a lot of home, it doesn't look like everything is falling apart, and, bonus, turns out my step-sister still lives in the area.

I'm moving there next week. It seems like things are looking up. Here's hoping for the best!