Light + Sound Kits for Props?


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Does anyone know of reliable kits which can add customizable sound and light effects to weapons?

I'm looking for something I can program to produce different effects based on trigger pulls, and control both light and sound from the same module/unit.

For example:

Spartan Laser: Sound of charging with laser flashing, leading to either the sound+light of firing, or powering down when trigger is released.

Needler: Holding down trigger produces steady stream of sound/muzzle-flash, stopping when released.

I'm sure other people will benefit from this information, so any good replies I get will be transferred to the next post.


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Useful replies / links will go here . . .

TBS Mini Programmable Sound Unit
-Originally created for RC airplanes; Fully programmable, 6 electrical outputs (lights), and two servo outputs (Moving parts?)
-Price: $135
Blaster Core V3.0
-Programmable, removable SD card, Firing mode selection (single/full auto), selectable light outputs
-Price: 86.00€ (Approximately $115)
Hyperdyne Labs (Supplier)
Makes a variety of SciFi effect modules, and also "creates custom electronics for sound, light, RC, and audio applications."


Will add more as I find them or as they show up in this thread.
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Finally found some on my own, they're just more expensive than I would like.
(Links and info on second post.)


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ive bean wanting to do a armor lock ability with a suit soem time, just use e.l.and a sound box that are triggerd by punching the ground (put them on knuckles)