link are these yours?

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rehosted by Redsleighdown
Well.........erm that dosent answer my question but not to start anything i think seans looks cooler.
Well, I didn't mean to throw it off-topic by the first reply, but I think any ES is worth showing off. :mrgreen:
Well it wasnt really off topic who cares anyways about evey single topic gets thrown off topic at some point, well i guess i should show off my paper es i cut out then XD.
That propmaker made me a needler. Link and I have been trying to get him to join here but but he keeps making excuses :p
hey thanks for rehosting for me i had the pictures on my comp but i cant find them and i cant find them on the web either sorry :(
the pic missing was of the guy that made the needlers in links red armor, he may have been holding the needlers i dont remember.
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