Props Link/Sean M6C Pistol: Work in Progress

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Sean Bradley

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Does anybody have good reference images of the pistol??? I already have 1 good image, but I would like to have some better detail shots of the engraving and detailing before I finish the one I'm working on. Shots from either side would be awesome too.


Any other good images? Screen caps/Mods?


yeah I have been having some big problems with the Halo 2 pistol >.> . Obviously bungies textures are most likely 1024x1024 resoultion before they are put ingame. However the pistol texture ingame is only 256x256. So its like... lowres. It looks really bad and the texture has changed since that beta picture of the pistol. I can say right now that there pistol is alot hihger poly then the one injected into Halo 2. So thats no help either....

Ill keep trying to get mine to work considering the texture on it is brown and not blueish black.

After feeling a little helpless on this for a while I thought I'd take a crack at deciphering the text on the side of the pistol.

I started with a high resolution image from Halo 2 Vista that I found on the net. (Note this image is smaller than original resolution) This picture shows the text from the right side of the pistol which is a little harder to get images of because when you drop the pistol in-game it ALWAYS lands with this side face down.

Then I zoomed in on the pistol.

Then I rotated.

Then I zoomed in again on the text.

I adjusted Contrast/Brightness and zoomed in again.


I made another Contrast/Brightness change and adjusted for perspective distortion.

I maximized the Contrast/Brightness and ran it through a couple filters.

Can you read it?

Does this help? :mrgreen:

Heres one with just the text.

I then went into a game and zoomed way in on a dropped pistol to see the left side of the pistol. I've looked at the low resolution, scrambled looking text a thousand times trying to read it, but for whatever reason, this time it was clear as day, maybe because I just just spent an hour trying to read the other side. :roll:

I don't have an image of the gun to work from, but heres what is on it. It just might have to be re-scaled a little.

MYSTERY SOLVED! ;-) Hope that helps some of you too!

M6C Pistol Detailing update

I thought I should update on this project.

I have one of Link's fantastic M6C pistols that I have been detailing slowly, just something to do whilst the wife and I watch TV together in the evenings. The resin that Link casted these in carves like butter with mini files...

I love carving little details by hand, I find it somehow relaxing, although I know most people detest this kind of thing. I guess I'm wierd that way.

So after getting the text figured out, I have been updating the pistol I am working on little by little. I wanted to carve the details before filling any of the little air bubbles or whatnot, so keep in mind that this is work in progress, I'll add more as I finish the gun out.

** Incidentally this is also the first time I have compared these images side by side with the reference caps I took.. I see a few little errors, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it.

I have engraved the pistol text by hand, and detailed the butt of the gun, and changed a few little things here and there.
Well, heres what I have... enjoy



*** Note; this image is slightly distorted due to the angle I shot it at..




*** Impossible to get this side of the gun to face up when you drop it :(






From here I'm just going to have to add the raised bumps texture on the grip, and to fill those tiny little air bubbles. I'll post more when I can.

Many thanks to Link4044 for the gorgeous casting!
Redsleighdown said:
very nice. I could never freehand text that well.

it's kinda like surgery.

you just go veeeery careful, and veeery slow.
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Well, While I was making molds over the last few weeks, I needed a little project to keep me busy while I was waiting for rubber to cure. So I picked up the M6C again.

After several roundes of primering/filling/sanding, I completed the model.

Next I will install my electronics, and make this a working prop gun.

Anyway, I thought that some of you might like to see the finished model. It's not painted obviously, but I won't do that until I get the trigger working and the LEDs and sound chip installed. Might even put a feedback motor in there so you can feel the recoil when you pull the trigger.

So heres how it looks:




Yes indeed, me too.

Great work Sean (and Link of course), thanks for the update and I can't wait to see this baby in action.
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