Little Rock Game Con 2009


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Hi guys, I don't know how many of you are palnning on going to the LR Game Con this year but I am planning on attending in H3 ODST gear fully suited up and weapon in hand if able. But here is my question for you how many 405th members are either planning to go to this or how many know for sure they are going it is held at the Wyndham hotel in Little Rock and I belive the date for this is November 13-15th 2009. I can't remember all the guests that are attending but I know that the actor who played Chewbacca from Star Wars will be there. The 501st group will be there in costume of course so I plan to get together every 405th that plans on going and depending on how many show up I will be paying for diffrent things like for example if we have 3 or more people I will have a flag for the 405th made up for the convention, if 5 or more are planning to attend I plan to get a table for the convention, and if more than 5 are planning to attend I will have a party set up near the convention as kind of a get together of 405th members. Also at the convention they will be holding a Halo 3 tournament I belive and some other tourneys as well but I plan to be in the H3 tourney. Hope to see you there if you are coming. If you are coming please post here or if you are planning to attend post here please so I can get a list to know what I will be paying for for the convention. Thanks.